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Follow the link above to get a less outdate cache.


Some stats to write down in here: The new VorbisHardware Wiki has been up since 16:29, 27 Aug 2004. Now, one month later this site had more than 4600 visits (grabbed from counter on the bottom). The page is 8.5 screen units to scroll on my 1024px high monitor. Time to reconsider a split of contents as mentioned above? --Bodo 14:49, 29 Sep 2004 (PDT)

product description scheme

Could we also agree on a scheme how and what information about products is posted ? Current scheme is mostly ok, but there are some crappy entries. I'd keep company name first, linked to international company site -- it's confusing if it is used to directly link to the product in question.

Then follow the unlinked names of the products. In the text itself the product names should be linked to their respective sites. Also a short discription of other features would be nice, not just 'supports vorbis'. Then about third party links: only one review per product should be linked, extra photo links and other bullcrap can be skipped. Maybe some firmware links if necessary.

Ingmar (updatemeister)

Forgot: entries should be sorted alphabetically.

Other comments

Anyone know anything about Frontierlabs and the NEX ia? I have emailed their techsupport numerous times, to try and find out how they are progressing with their Ogg support (if at all), but have never received a reply...

They used to say they were working on it (for the Nex II) but they stopped answering. That was a couple years ago. I don't think they'll ever support Ogg on the Nexia. Sorry. It's a nice player in other regards, though behind the times in terms of hardware performance. It gets about 10 hours of playtime (mp3) on two AA cells where other players get more time than that on one AAA cell.

Vorbis encoder location

I added a link to VLSI Solution's VS1053, which is capable of both encoding and decoding Ogg Vorbis with a 16-bit DSP. As far as I know this is a somewhat unique feature and I thought of bumping the reference up.

However, as I am affiliated with the company, I feel a conflict of interests, so I will not do that. But just in case some of you more independent people think hardware Ogg Vorbis encoders are interesting enough, I wanted to raise a discussion whether it would be ok to move the VS1053 to a more visible position on this page, e.g. creating subheadings like "Ogg Vorbis Encoders" / "Ogg Vorbis Decoders" or similar. Again, I will not do that personally.

(I have no idea whether raising this question in itself is a violation of something. I don't think so, but if I'm wrong, please just delete this discussion point.)

- RealLeo

Raising the question is not a violation of anything. While the feature seems pretty interestiing, and we'd like to know what other HW encoders are there, I do not think a single product justifies making a whole section. For now, at least.--Ivo 10:42, 13 September 2007 (PDT)
I have now moved VLSI Solution's Ogg Vorbis chips to the top of the list. My rationale is that the VS1053 is the only Ogg Vorbis encoder of the whole group, so I felt this to be OK now that the encoder has been officially released. However, I _am_ still affiliated with the company (read: I wrote the encoder and I am very proud of it), so if you think my reasoning really stinks, feel free to undo my changes. RealLeo 01:51, 4 December 2007 (PST)