Icecast Server/Release Checklist

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  • Update documentation
  • Check version in
  • Ensure everything is committed
  • Test on all Release critical systems
  • Test on all other systems you have access to
  • Update and set release date in ChangeLog
  • Ensure everything is committed including last changes to ChangeLog.
  • Tag the release in VCS
  • make distcheck
  • commit resulting tarball to releases directory for replication
  • update download page
  • update news page
  • add "Version" and close "Milestone" in trac
  • post on IRC (+topic)
  • post on icecast and icecast-dev
  • create downstream bugs to facilitate adoption

packaging specific

  • update debian packaging
    • copy and rename release tar-ball
    • unpack debian.tar
    • add release to 'changelog'
    • tar up with right name
    • verify version and checksums are correct in .dsc
  • update RPM packaging
    • change version in .spec
    • change tarball name in .spec
    • change debian tarball name in .spec
    • update icecast-fix-no-add-needed.patch to apply cleanly
  • windows
    • TBD
  • OBS
    • osc delete all old files (tarballs)
    • osc add new files (tarballs)
    • (build locally -- feeling lucky, punk?)
    • osc commit
    • verify builds on dashboard and in repos