XSPF Todo list

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  1. Due diligence on legal agreement. What exactly are the XSPF and Xiph people committing to?
    1. commitment to open/royalty-free
      DanBri suggests:
      "http://www.w3.org/Consortium/Patent-Policy-20040205/#sec-Requirements It would be re-assuring if Xiph would explicitly (re)confirm their commitment to open, royalty-free standards in this area. From a look at the Xiph site, I'd guess that shouldn't be a problem..."
      1. see [theora] notice for something similar in a xiph project.
    2. what was the arrangement between FLAC and Xiph when they did a similar thing in 2003?
    3. talk to Xiph lawyer?
    4. who owns XSPF copyrights and trademark?
      1. have each contributor sign something like http://copylaw.com/forms/copyassn.html
      2. add a copyright notice to each file
    5. can either side back out later?
    6. read the 501c and other legal documents
  2. Point xspf.org to Xiph server.
    1. Xiph admin to initiate transfer, Rob Kaye to confirm it.
    2. Change look to use xiph style?
  3. Finish moving source control to svn at Xiph.
  4. Move the mailing list? How to do that without affect Musicbrainz.org?
  5. Move wiki
    1. pointer on the old wiki to the new one
    2. freeze the old wiki to be sure that people use this one?
  6. Press release similar to 2003 press release for FLAC arrangement. Jack Moffit?
  7. Introduce XSPF and Xiph people -- get together at monthly meeting? First wednesday of the month, #xiphmeet, 12GMT odd months 23:59 GMT even months.