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This page is a stub.  We need to fill it in, first with a list of things to test, then with specific test documents, and eventually with a validator.
== Conformance Tests ==
== Conformance Tests ==

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Conformance Tests

  • Relative Paths ("Relative paths MUST be resolved according to the XML Base specification or IETF RFC 2396")
  • handles valid URIs
  • handles failure of any one resource ("If an xspf:track element cannot be rendered, a user-agent MUST skip to the next xspf:track element and MUST NOT interrupt the sequence.")
  • "xspf:playlist elements MUST contain one and only one trackList element. The trackList element my be empty."
  • "xspf:track elements MAY contain zero or more location elements, but a user-agent MUST NOT render more than one of the named resources."
  • trackNum "MUST be a valid XML Schema nonNegativeInteger"
  • duration "MUST be a valid XML Schema nonNegativeInteger."