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XML Shareable Playlist Format (XSPF), pronounced spiff, is a next-generation playlist format. This wiki is for developers.

The mime type for XSPF playlists is application/xspf+xml, although it has not yet been registered with IANA.

Supporting applications

These are applications which support XSPF and have not yet been added to the [[1][main applications list]].

"We added: A Scrubber/Shuttle so the lister can move the playhead to any point along the song. Time Remaining Time Played Genre of Song Origin/Location (city) of artist

Of site specific stuff which my not be of interest to others is: Review song link: we were adding as a layer to the paler but, it got too large and ugly. Buy song link. And a bunch of nice styling/skin tweaks"

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This wiki is new as of spring 2005; are you looking for the old XSPF wiki?)