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<blockquote>"<i>I talked to Deborah Clark, product marketing engineer for audio chipmaker Sigmatel out of Austin, Tex. She is the company's expert in audio decoders. She says there is a growing base of support for Ogg Vorbis. "We can't keep paying these high licensing fees for this. Manufacturers would flock to something that's free." </i></blockquote>
<blockquote>"<i>I talked to Deborah Clark, product marketing engineer for audio chipmaker Sigmatel out of Austin, Tex. She is the company's expert in audio decoders. She says there is a growing base of support for Ogg Vorbis. "We can't keep paying these high licensing fees for this. Manufacturers would flock to something that's free." </i></blockquote>
:from a 2000 [http://www.forbes.com/2000/09/18/dvorak_index.html column in Forbes]
:from a 2000 [http://www.forbes.com/2000/09/18/dvorak_index.html column in Forbes]
[http://www.shop263.com/i-413/938.htm 灌装机]
[http://www.shop263.com/i-413/939.htm 光触媒材料]
[http://www.shop263.com/i-413/940.htm 光固化地坪]
[http://www.shop263.com/i-413/941.htm 光固化涂料用树脂]
[http://www.shop263.com/i-413/942.htm 光缆集中监测系统]
[http://www.shop263.com/i-413/943.htm 光膜]
[http://www.shop263.com/i-413/944.htm 光学材料制造]
[http://www.shop263.com/i-413/945.htm 光学眼镜毛坯]
[http://www.shop263.com/i-413/946.htm 光阻剂]
[http://www.shop263.com/i-413/947.htm 广播级摄像机锂离子电池]
[http://www.shop263.com/i-413/948.htm 广告袋]
[http://www.shop263.com/i-413/949.htm 广告赠品]
[http://www.shop263.com/i-413/950.htm 规整波纹填料]
[http://www.shop263.com/i-413/951.htm 硅胶]
[http://www.shop263.com/i-413/952.htm 硅胶按键]
[http://www.shop263.com/i-413/953.htm 硅胶小包装]
[http://www.shop263.com/i-413/954.htm 硅凝胶]
[http://www.shop263.com/i-413/955.htm 硅酸锆]
[http://www.shop263.com/i-413/956.htm 硅酸盐水泥]
[http://www.shop263.com/i-413/957.htm 硅酮胶包装瓶]
[http://www.shop263.com/i-413/958.htm 硅烷交联聚乙烯电缆绝缘料耐环]
[http://www.shop263.com/i-413/959.htm 硅微粉]
[http://www.shop263.com/i-413/960.htm 国际国内贸易]
[http://www.shop263.com/i-413/961.htm 过滤布]
[http://www.shop263.com/i-413/962.htm 过滤稀土瓷砂]
[http://www.shop263.com/i-413/963.htm 海水电解不溶性氧化物电极]
[http://www.shop263.com/i-413/964.htm 含油尼龙]
[http://www.shop263.com/i-413/965.htm 航空煤油]
[http://www.shop263.com/i-413/966.htm 航空器材]
[http://www.shop263.com/i-413/967.htm 航空润滑油]
[http://www.shop263.com/i-413/968.htm 合成革]
[http://www.shop263.com/i-413/969.htm 合成树脂]
[http://www.shop263.com/i-413/970.htm 合成型热传导液]
[http://www.shop263.com/i-413/971.htm 黑白全色胶卷]
[http://www.shop263.com/i-413/972.htm 黑白全色胶片]
[http://www.shop263.com/i-413/973.htm 黑色抗静电塑料原料]
[http://www.shop263.com/i-413/974.htm 红外防伪发光材料]
[http://www.shop263.com/i-413/975.htm 红外激光探测板]
[http://www.shop263.com/i-413/976.htm 糊用聚氯乙烯树脂]
[http://www.shop263.com/i-413/977.htm 护耳罩]
[http://www.shop263.com/i-413/978.htm 护罩盖]
[http://www.shop263.com/i-413/979.htm 花钵]
[http://www.shop263.com/i-413/980.htm 花岗岩板材]
[http://www.shop263.com/i-413/981.htm 花坛]
[http://www.shop263.com/i-413/982.htm 滑石粉]
[http://www.shop263.com/i-413/983.htm 化肥]
[http://www.shop263.com/i-413/984.htm 化工填料]
[http://www.shop263.com/i-413/985.htm 化合物纳米粉末]
[http://www.shop263.com/i-413/986.htm 化纤]
[http://www.shop263.com/i-413/987.htm 化纤绸]
[http://www.shop263.com/i-413/988.htm 化纤面料]
[http://www.shop263.com/i-413/989.htm 化学矿]
[http://www.shop263.com/i-413/990.htm 化学试剂]
[http://www.shop263.com/i-413/991.htm 化学纤维丝网]
[http://www.shop263.com/i-413/992.htm 化学纤维油剂]
[http://www.shop263.com/i-413/993.htm 化油器清洗剂]
[http://www.shop263.com/i-413/994.htm 化妆品]
[http://www.shop263.com/i-413/995.htm 化妆品玻璃]
[http://www.shop263.com/i-413/996.htm 化妆品工艺]
[http://www.shop263.com/i-413/997.htm 化妆品瓶]
[http://www.shop263.com/i-413/998.htm 化妆品容器]
[http://www.shop263.com/i-413/999.htm 化妆品添加剂]
[http://www.shop263.com/i-413/1000.htm 环保大芯板]
[http://www.shop263.com/i-413/1001.htm 环保垃圾桶]
[http://www.shop263.com/i-413/1001.htm 环保滤料]
[http://www.shop263.com/i-413/1002.htm 环保乳胶漆]
[http://www.shop263.com/i-413/1003.htm 环境工程]
[http://www.shop263.com/i-413/1004.htm 环氧胶系列]
[http://www.shop263.com/i-413/1005.htm 环氧树脂]
[http://www.shop263.com/i-413/1006.htm 环氧系列固化稀释剂]
[http://www.shop263.com/i-413/1007.htm 黄蜡]
[http://www.shop263.com/i-413/1008.htm 黄抛光膏]
[http://www.shop263.com/i-413/1009.htm 磺化酞菁钴]
[http://www.shop263.com/i-413/1010.htm 回位装置]
[http://www.shop263.com/i-413/1011.htm 混苯]
[http://www.shop263.com/i-413/1012.htm 混合气体]
[http://www.shop263.com/i-413/1013.htm 混凝土防水屏障]
[http://www.shop263.com/i-413/1014.htm 混凝土膨剂]
[http://www.shop263.com/i-413/1015.htm 火柴]
[http://www.shop263.com/i-413/1016.htm 机械护罩]
[http://www.shop263.com/i-413/1017.htm 机械油]
[http://www.shop263.com/i-413/1018.htm 机械油封]
[http://www.shop263.com/i-413/1019.htm 机制甘油香皂]
[http://www.shop263.com/i-413/1020.htm 机制透明皂]
[http://www.shop263.com/i-413/1021.htm 激光照排胶片冲洗套药]
[http://www.shop263.com/i-413/1022.htm 集装桶]
[http://www.shop263.com/i-413/1023.htm 加氢阻垢剂]
[http://www.shop263.com/i-413/1024.htm 夹层玻璃]
[http://www.shop263.com/i-413/1025.htm 家庭急救用品]
[http://www.shop263.com/i-413/1026.htm 甲苯]
[http://www.shop263.com/i-413/1027.htm 甲基苯三唑]
[http://www.shop263.com/i-413/1028.htm 甲基丙烯酸甲酯]
[http://www.shop263.com/i-413/1029.htm 甲基儿茶酚]
[http://www.shop263.com/i-413/1030.htm 甲基二乙醇胺]
[http://www.shop263.com/i-413/1031.htm 甲基腈]
[http://www.shop263.com/i-413/1032.htm 甲基萘]
[http://www.shop263.com/i-413/1033.htm 甲基异丁基甲酮]
[http://www.shop263.com/i-413/1034.htm 甲醚化六羟甲基三聚氰胺树脂]
[http://www.shop263.com/i-413/1035.htm 甲酸]
[http://www.shop263.com/i-413/1036.htm 减速机专用脂]
[http://www.shop263.com/i-413/1037.htm 剪切平直型]
[http://www.shop263.com/i-413/1038.htm 碱锌光亮剂]
[http://www.shop263.com/i-413/1039.htm 碱性锌锰]
[http://www.shop263.com/i-413/1040.htm 碱性锌锰干电池]
[http://www.shop263.com/i-413/1041.htm 建材]
[http://www.shop263.com/i-413/1042.htm 建筑材料]
[http://www.shop263.com/i-413/1043.htm 建筑钢材]
[http://www.shop263.com/i-413/1044.htm 建筑模板]
[http://www.shop263.com/i-413/1045.htm 建筑模板生产车间]
[http://www.shop263.com/i-413/1046.htm 健身器材]
[http://www.shop263.com/i-413/1047.htm 键盘内衬]
[http://www.shop263.com/i-413/1048.htm 胶辊胶]
[http://www.shop263.com/i-413/1049.htm 胶合板模板平铺施工]
[http://www.shop263.com/i-413/1050.htm 胶木粉]
[http://www.shop263.com/i-413/1051.htm 焦宝石]
[http://www.shop263.com/i-413/1052.htm 焦亚硫酸钠]
[http://www.shop263.com/i-413/1053.htm 巾包装袋]
[http://www.shop263.com/i-413/1054.htm 金锭]
[http://www.shop263.com/i-413/1055.htm 金漆镶嵌]
[http://www.shop263.com/i-413/1056.htm 金属表面处理剂]
[http://www.shop263.com/i-413/1057.htm 金属加工用油]
[http://www.shop263.com/i-413/1058.htm 金属加工油]
[http://www.shop263.com/i-413/1059.htm 金属纳米粉末]
[http://www.shop263.com/i-413/1060.htm 锦纶6聚合]
[http://www.shop263.com/i-413/1061.htm 锦纶丝]
[http://www.shop263.com/i-413/1062.htm 锦纶线]
[http://www.shop263.com/i-413/1063.htm 精甲醇]
[http://www.shop263.com/i-413/1064.htm 精密仪器]
[http://www.shop263.com/i-413/1065.htm 精密铸造]
[http://www.shop263.com/i-413/1066.htm 精品搪瓷]
[http://www.shop263.com/i-413/1067.htm 精塑制品]
[http://www.shop263.com/i-413/1068.htm 精细化工]
[http://www.shop263.com/i-413/1069.htm 精制盐]
[http://www.shop263.com/i-413/1070.htm 警示带]
[http://www.shop263.com/i-413/1071.htm 净化设备]
[http://www.shop263.com/i-413/1072.htm 镜片胶]
[http://www.shop263.com/i-413/1073.htm 镜铜纸]
[http://www.shop263.com/i-413/1074.htm 酒精消毒湿巾]
[http://www.shop263.com/i-413/1075.htm 局部镀铝膜]
[http://www.shop263.com/i-413/1076.htm 矩形镀铜碳棒]
[http://www.shop263.com/i-413/1077.htm 矩形气刨炭棒]
[http://www.shop263.com/i-413/1078.htm 聚氨脂防水涂料]
[http://www.shop263.com/i-413/1079.htm 聚氨酯]
[http://www.shop263.com/i-413/1080.htm 聚氨酯树脂]
[http://www.shop263.com/i-413/1081.htm 聚胺脂泡沫填缝剂]
[http://www.shop263.com/i-413/1082.htm 聚丙烯]
[http://www.shop263.com/i-413/1083.htm 聚丙烯捆扎绳]
[http://www.shop263.com/i-413/1084.htm 聚丙烯填料]
[http://www.shop263.com/i-413/1085.htm 聚合硫酸铁]
[http://www.shop263.com/i-413/1086.htm 聚合物锂离子电池]
[http://www.shop263.com/i-413/1087.htm 聚氯乙烯复合管]
[http://www.shop263.com/i-413/1088.htm 聚氯乙烯加工助剂]
[http://www.shop263.com/i-413/1089.htm 聚氯乙烯排水管]
[http://www.shop263.com/i-413/1090.htm 聚醚多元醇]
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[http://www.shop263.com/i-413/1092.htm 聚四氟乙烯密封圈]
[http://www.shop263.com/i-413/1093.htm 聚四氟乙烯制品]
[http://www.shop263.com/i-413/1094.htm 聚烯烃复合纤维]
[http://www.shop263.com/i-413/1095.htm 聚乙二醇]
[http://www.shop263.com/i-413/1096.htm 聚乙烯]
[http://www.shop263.com/i-413/1097.htm 聚乙烯醇]
[http://www.shop263.com/i-413/1098.htm 聚乙烯工农用薄膜]
[http://www.shop263.com/i-413/1099.htm 聚乙烯购物袋]
[http://www.shop263.com/i-413/1100.htm 聚酯薄膜]
[http://www.shop263.com/i-413/1101.htm 聚酯切片]
[http://www.shop263.com/i-413/1102.htm 聚酯芯输送带]
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[http://www.shop263.com/i-413/1105.htm 绝缘护套]
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[http://www.shop263.com/i-413/1108.htm 卡扣线系列产品]
[http://www.shop263.com/i-413/1109.htm 聚晶石]
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[http://www.shop263.com/i-413/1111.htm 开水炉]
[http://www.shop263.com/i-413/1112.htm 康复理疗器械]
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[http://www.shop263.com/i-413/1117.htm 苦味酸]
[http://www.shop263.com/i-413/1118.htm 矿物型导热油]
[http://www.shop263.com/i-413/1119.htm 矿渣硅酸盐水泥]
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[http://www.shop263.com/i-413/1164.htm 氯化钾]
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[http://www.shop263.com/i-413/1168.htm 氯化石蜡油清]
[http://www.shop263.com/i-413/1169.htm 氯碱工业隔膜法]
[http://www.shop263.com/i-413/1170.htm 氯碱化工]
[http://www.shop263.com/i-413/1171.htm 氯霉素原料药]
[http://www.shop263.com/i-413/1172.htm 氯霉素中间体]
[http://www.shop263.com/i-413/1173.htm 氯酸盐工业用金属阳极]
[http://www.shop263.com/i-413/1174.htm 箩筐]
[http://www.shop263.com/i-413/1175.htm 螺栓松动剂]
[http://www.shop263.com/i-413/1176.htm 埋弧焊用烧结焊剂]
[http://www.shop263.com/i-413/1177.htm 梅花点波纹填料]
[http://www.shop263.com/i-413/1178.htm 煤焦油瓷漆]
[http://www.shop263.com/i-413/1179.htm 煤炭]
[http://www.shop263.com/i-413/1180.htm 煤油]
[http://www.shop263.com/i-413/1181.htm 美容面罩]
[http://www.shop263.com/i-413/1182.htm 美容泡泡沐浴露]
[http://www.shop263.com/i-413/1183.htm 美容纸]
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[http://www.shop263.com/i-413/1186.htm 密封段]
[http://www.shop263.com/i-413/1187.htm 密封件]
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[http://www.shop263.com/i-413/1189.htm 密封胶条]
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Revision as of 20:00, 31 October 2004

This is a list of hardware of all categories, from PDAs to DVD players,
that can play Ogg Vorbis files. Hopefully you can find what you want,
if not, come back next week: several companies who can see the value and
popularity of Vorbis are working to support it on their hardware.
If you know of any other hardware or projects, please add them to the list.
More hardware info can be found at vorbis hardware page.

Consumer products that support Vorbis natively

Portable Players

Flash Memory Storage

  • iRiver's iFP-3xx, iFP-5xx, iFP-7xx, iFP-8xx, iFP-9xx, iFP-10xx, iFP-11xx
iRiver has a huge line of flash-based players with various memory sizes (128MB to 1GB). Some of these players may need an updated firmware in order to play Ogg Vorbis files, see the support download page for that. Note -- only certain bitrates are supported, various problems are reported including reboots, silence and random noise when a VBR Vorbis passes outside the limit (96-225 Kbps.)

The YP-60V is a portable 256MB player, that comes with additional functions for athletes. On the Korean market, versions with memory from 128MB to 512MB are available (See Yepp website).
The YP-T6 is an incredibly small flash player with 128/256/512/1024 MB storage, has a mic and FM radio.

  • Iops MFP-312, MFP-325, MFP-350
Iops offers the MFP-300 series player with 128/256/512MB/1GB internal flash memory. They offer voice and FM radio recording whilst maintaining a lightweight portable size.

The MP-130 is a portable player with flash memory in 128/256/512MB sizes. This appears to be a rebranded Iops player. The MP-400 is a small player with FM radio and USB 2.0 and can store up to 1GB music. It supports MP3, WAV, WMA, ASF and Ogg Vorbis and is even available as a 24 karat gold edition!

a flash player which comes in 256MB/512MB/1GB sizes, FM-receiver, colour display and yet to be translated features. An english comment is available

A small flash-based player (256MB/512MB/1GB) and supposed to get a firmware upgrade in the future to support Vorbis. Update: firmware version 1.20beta (get it here) has Vorbis support.. (the page is in Korean but the firmware defaults to english language).

Another Korean manufacturer jumps in and offers small flash-based players with 128MB up to 1GB storage capacities. They support the usual formats MP3/WMA/Ogg Vorbis, can record voice, receive FM radio.

Harddisk Storage

This mobile player comes either with various harddrive sizes up to 80 GB or as 256 MB flash player. The new firmware to support Ogg Vorbis has been developed by the Xiph.org Foundation (see the press release). Get the newest firmware version at Neuros' support page). The Neuros Synchronization Manager for Windows is available from the same link and now fully supports the addition of Vorbis files to the Neuros. *nix users can use either Xiph.org's Positron or Sean Starkey's Java Neuros Database Manipulator, both of which provide full Neuros database support and other features.

The Rio Karma is a portable player with a harddisk of 20 GB. It can decode MP3, Ogg Vorbis and FLAC. USB 2.0 is used to connect to PCs, but a docking station is also included which offers ethernet and RCA line-out support. IGN has written a review about the gadget, articles about the Karma can be found at Riovolution. Note that firmware versions prior to 1.25 cause stability problems for some people, visit the support page to get the newest version.

mpio HD300 is a harddisk player with 20GB and supports WAV/MP3/WMA/Ogg Vorbis. It has FM radio, an alarm clock and supports USB 2.0. The HD200 has 5GB storage capacity, a FM radio which can be recorded and supports the same formats as the HD300.

TEAC MP-1000 is an ultra-compact harddrive player with 1.5GB capacity and only 70g mass.

The iBeat 500 is a portable harddisk player with 20 GB of storage. It supports MP3, WMA and Ogg Vorbis and uses USB 2.0 to connect to PCs. It has a FM radio and an in-built mic. It seems to be available only in Germany (looks like a rebadged Xclef HD-800).

This is a harddisk player with 20/40/60 GB storage size, and can decode MP3, WMA, Ogg Vorbis and WAV. It has a FM radio and a mic for recording voice. Though not mentioned on the web site, the HD-500 is also supposed to decode Ogg Vorbis.

This player uses a small 1,5 GB harddisk and supports MP3, WMA and Ogg Vorbis. It connects trough USB 2.0 and can broadcast music through a FM sender.

A portable player with 1.5GB memory, FM-receiver, recording function, upgradeable firmware, etc.

The iAudio M3 is a portable harddisk player with either 20 or 40 GB of storage. It has a built-in FM radio and mic. It supports MP3, WMA, Ogg Vorbis and WAV and even FLAC with the newest firmware upgrade. See this IGN article for more info.

  • iRiver's iHP-1xx, H1xx, H2xx, H3xx, iGP-100
iRiver has also a number of harddisk based items that play back Ogg Vorbis. Older models like the iHP-100 and the iHP-115 come in 10 and 15 GB sizes and need a firmware update (see the support downloads for that). The iHP-120, a 20GB portable player, and the iHP-140, a 40GB version, support Vorbis playback out of the box. Read reviews here: IGN on iHP-100, IGN on iHP-120. The iGP-100, a 1.5Gb portable player, supports Vorbis, according to the FAQ, though no firmware upgrade appears to be required. The new line of harddisk players H120, H140 come in 10 to 40 GB sizes. There is also a product line with USB host function and colour display: H320, H340.

This player comes with either 2.2 or 4 GB harddrive and supports MP3, WMA, Ogg Vorbis and ASF. It can record voice and has a FM receiver. What sets this player apart is the LCD -- it can show BMPs, JPGs and text. The device can also act as a USB host to support digital cameras.

This player uses a 4,4 GB harddrive, USB 2.0 and supports MP3, WMA and Ogg Vorbis (mentioned in the manual).

This is a rather unique device. JetAudio calls it a multimedia jukebox, music tank, photo album and last but not least a portable storage. It is bigger than usual portable devices, but has also a lot more options. It can connect to the PC (USB 2.0), TV (S-Video, Composite), stereos and 5.1 surround systems (Coaxial/Optical) and comes with a remote control. Supported video formats are DVD (MPEG-2), VCD (MPEG-1), DivX, Xvid. Supported Audio formats are MP3, WMA and Ogg Vorbis. It can display JPEG pictures on the TV. It is available without a harddrive, or equipped with harddrive sizes up to 200 GB.

This is a mobile video player and external harddrive in various versions and storage sizes. It comes with USB 2.0 and a remote control. HDTV resolution, 5.1 sound and the following file formats are supported: MPEG-4/DVD/VCD/SVCD/AudioCD/JPEG/MP3. For the 3,5" and deck version OGG format is mentioned.

CD players

  • iRiver iMP-250, iMP-350 (SlimX), iMP-400 and iMP-550
Ogg Vorbis supported with latest firmwares, still some bitrate restriction which may vary depending on the model as said belong:
All iMP series but the 550 have the following bitrate limitations: min=96kbps and max=160kbps
Using a newer DSP the latest model i.e. iMP-550 supports maximum bitrate up to 256kps (still 96kbps as minimum)
Also note the latest iMP-450 does not support OGG for the moment, a future upgrade may correct this...
The newests iMP as iMP900 (audio only) and iMP-1000/1100 (video playback too) are just released in Korea, they seem to not support OGG Vorbis natively, maybe a future upgrade will correct but I've no information for now (i don't read Korean ;)
Some older or low cost iMP players won't support OGG...(iMP100/iMP150 and i guess iMP7xx serie too)
Check the firmware section of iRiver website for more specific informations...

This hardware manufacturer’s new CD-R portable supports Ogg Vorbis playback out of the box. It will have 48 hours of WMA playback if an external battery pack (2 AA batteries) is used. In Korea, its retail price is 189,000 KRW, or approximately 160 USD.
More information is available (in Korean) on the product page for the FreeMax FW-960.
The FreeMax FW-960 is also known as the mpman MP-CD550.

The MCD-CM600 is now available in Korea. It is a CD portable that can play Vorbis, MP3, and WMA. Page with photo of MCD-CM600. Closeup of MCD-CM600.

The Havin HVC-400E, also known as the Princeton airCD is probably on sale in Japan since late November, 2003.

DVD/Static Players / Car Audio

a wireless streaming receiver, that plays Ogg Vorbis and FLAC amongst other formats with the help of it's open source server software: "SlimServer will automatically convert Ogg files to raw PCM on the fly for playback. On Windows, Mac OS X, and Linux, the Ogg Vorbis decoder is included in SlimServer." Source

The PhatBox is a audio entertainment system for the car. It uses a cartridge to store the music, it can be filled with music through a docking station for the PC. At the moment Vorbis is only supported through a testing version: http://phatbox.sixpak.org/phatbox/ogg.phtml. The Home Digital Media Player uses the same cartridges as the PhatBox, but supports Ogg Vorbis out of the box.

The new line of networked hi-fi components are supposed to decode Ogg Vorbis over the Ethernet port: the A/V receiver VRS-N8100 and the DVD player DVF-N7080. They are available in Germany in September. The Music Keg uses the same system as the PhatBox above, which means also the same beta firmware to support Ogg Vorbis is available.

Except for one older model (the DP-330) all DVD/DivX players from Kiss can play Ogg Vorbis files from CD-Rs and CD-RWs (but reportedly have trouble with UTF-8 comments that aren’t also ASCII), as well as DivX (but not DivX Vorbis).
There are reportedly problems with some versions of the firmware (2.6.6 ≤ x < 2.7.1), where playback is awful for a bitrates greater than 128Kb/s.

This piece of hardware is a DVD player and a HDTV streaming client. It supports MPEG-2, DivX, XviD and WMV9 (WMV HD), as audio tracks PCM, AC3, MP3, AAC, WMA and Ogg Vorbis. It can use ethernet, WLAN and USB 2.0 to connect to media. It is available in Japan from September.

The MPST Digital Jukebox is a Linux PC designed for audio playback and sold as a stereo component, which of course can play Vorbis.

The Hifidelio is a music server in hi-fi format and designed to produce high-quality sound. It uses a CD/DVD combo drive and can thus rip Audio-CDs and read from DVD-Rs, and is also able to burn CDs. It has an in-built 4-port ethernet switch, a WLAN interface, can connect to the iPod and other portable players through USB 2.0. It can connect to other Hifidelios through the UPnP/AV standard and to iTunes shares (iTunes shopping is a future feature). The songs are stored on the 80 GB harddisk. Supported formats for decoding are: MP3, Ogg Vorbis, AAC, WMA, FLAC, WAV. The Hifidelio will be available from October, but for now it seems only in Germany.

For the DVD/DivX player DVX-6600 a future firmware is supposed to be able to decode Ogg Vorbis, but there is no release date yet.

The Yamakawa DVD-375 supports Ogg Vorbis.

This is a standalone DVD player that supports Vorbis.

A wired and wireless UPnP streaming media player. Supports decoding Ogg Vorbis as of the 1.03 firmware.

Consumer products that support Vorbis via third-party software

  • Many PalmOS 5 powered PDAs:
Using NormSoft’s Pocket Tunes software ($14.95, free 15-day trial), or AeroPlayer (free), many Palm-based PDAs should play Vorbis.
According to the homepages of Pocket Tunes and AeroPlayer following devices are supported (can anyone confirm this?):
  • PalmOne Treo 600
  • PalmOne Tungsten T
  • PalmOne Tungsten T2 (confirmed)
  • PalmOne Tungsten T3 (confirmed)
  • PalmOne Tungsten C
  • PalmOne Tungsten E (confirmed)
  • PalmOne Zire 31
  • PalmOne Zire 71 (confirmed)
  • PalmOne Zire 72 (confirmed for pocket-tunes)
  • Sony CLIÉ UX50
  • Sony CLIÉ TH55
  • Sony CLIÉ TJ35
  • Sony CLIÉ TJ37
  • Sony CLIÉ NX73 - with Clie Pet's MCA2 - confirmed
  • Sony CLIÉ NX80 - with Clie Pet's MCA2 - confirmed
  • Sony CLIÉ TG50 - with Clie Pet's MCA2 - confirmed
  • All other Sony OS5 Models (NX, TG, NZ sires) - with Clie Pet's MCA2 - unconfirmed
  • Tapwave Zodiac 1
  • Tapwave Zodiac 2
  • Garmin iQue

Many Windows Mobile/CE/NameOfTheMonth-powered PDAs can play Vorbis (e.g. with Conduits Pocket Player, $19.95, free evaluation available or the all free GSPlayer). Devices supported by Pocket Player:

  • Asus MyPal
  • Casio E-200
  • Dell Axim
  • HP IPAQ 1900
  • HP IPAQ 2200
  • HP IPAQ 3600
  • HP IPAQ 3700
  • HP IPAQ 3800
  • HP IPAQ 3900
  • HP IPAQ 5100
  • HP IPAQ 5400
  • HP IPAQ 5500
  • HP Jornada 560
  • JVC MP-PV331
  • NEC MobilePro P300
  • O2 XDA
  • Pocket PC Phone (T-Mobile)
  • Toshiba e300
  • Toshiba e740/e750
  • Toshiba e755
  • Toshiba Genio

With Ogg Play from http://www.geocities.com/p800tools, you can play Ogg Vorbis.

The Zaurus, a very flexible PDA which runs Linux, can play Vorbis files with a variety of software, including a plugin for the default media player, xmms, ogg123, mplayer, or theKompany.com’s tkcPlayer.

The GP32, an arm9tdmi portable console with much hackability (gcc3 toolchain, expandable memory), has a Vorbis player available.

Projects to support Vorbis

Looks like Diasonic is planning to introduce a portable 2GB harddrive player with USB host function and colour display. Source

Their new players due out in July or August will support Ogg Vorbis playback out of the box, according to The Digital Times (Korean).

Announced at IFA 2003 in Berlin, Nextway will be selling portables with USB host capabilities. It will have no memory of its own, but will use external memory/external readers to access smartmedia cards, memory sticks, compact flash, external HDDs, and more. Retail price is planned to be around 50,000 KRW, or approx. 42 USD. Vorbis firmware is planned to be released in November, according to Yohnap News Agency (Korean) and a Nextway news article (Korean).

Mpman will be releasing a 1.5Gb 1″ HDD portable that can play Vorbis. There’s no mention of it on the website, but an external preview is available. Looks like this Mpman is the same what Nextway distributes as DCube NHD-150D. It's questionable if they proceed in that matter, since Reigncom, the owner of Iriver, obtained Mpman. of the FreeMax FW-960.

Independently of Apple, some people have µClinux (Linux for CPUs without MMUs) running on this. Right now, they are decoding Vorbis at 80% realtime, with hope for improvement.

Frontier Labs are independently investigating the possibility of Ogg Vorbis support on the Nex IIe. Details are not known at the moment. The Nex iA is advertised as supporting “emerging formats such as Ogg Vorbis through firmware upgrades”. At present, the available firmware upgrades do not provide Vorbis support.

Pontis announced in the middle of 2002 that they would ‘soon’ release a firmware upgrade to allow their SP600 portable player to play Vorbis files. Unfortunately, after 18 months of silence, Pontis finally decided (in November 2003) that a firmware upgrade for the SP600 was not possible, due to CPU and memory constraints.

Vorbis in Silicon (non-consumer products)

A hardware/software implementation with a good report showing how to make FPGAs and the like to decode Vorbis streams.

FineArch, Inc. developed a hardware core and control software for decoding Vorbis. This technology can be integrated into portable players or cell phones, and since it runs at only 12MHz, it uses very little battery power. It supports files up to 64Kb/s, but could be scaled to 16MHz and 128Kb/s, at the expense of battery life. For more information, see FineArch’s press release.

MCS Logic creates single chip decoders that can play Ogg Vorbis. They supply the Vorbis decoding chips for Havin and Freemax.

Telechips has developed the TCC72x, a single chip decoder that can play Vorbis. The TCC72x series is based on on an ARM940T core, and it is used widely in Korea for players such as Iops or MobiBlu.

Tamul Multimedia manufactures decoding chips for Samsung. They claim they have Ogg Vorbis decoding firmware, according to The Digital Times (Korean).

SigmaTel hasn't announced anything that we've heard, but we do like this quote:

"I talked to Deborah Clark, product marketing engineer for audio chipmaker Sigmatel out of Austin, Tex. She is the company's expert in audio decoders. She says there is a growing base of support for Ogg Vorbis. "We can't keep paying these high licensing fees for this. Manufacturers would flock to something that's free."

from a 2000 column in Forbes