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I don't know where this text goes, so it's going here...

Lists of things to consider:

Real suggestions, that don't involve just going and getting the latest kit:

  • All external linking could be disabled (apparently with "$wgUrlProtocols = '$^';"), and offsite links could be limited to what can be expressed as an InterWiki link. This is extremely limiting, and requires that somebody be available to add InterWiki sites as necessary, but it doesn't involve an upgrade. It would also break many existing pages, so these would need to be found and fixed. Many links could already be turned to InterWiki syntax. --Gumboot
  • Google seems to index previous versions of pages, which means that reverts are only partially useful. I think the NoIndexHistory point above should be applied to fix that. --Gumboot
  • Mark offsite links as rel="nofollow". That appears to not be the default, here. --Gumboot