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Based in the UK. Got a blog at Bag of Spoons

I'd love to see open formats more widely available on comsumer hardware.

I'm using the following software/hardware, all of which play Ogg Vorbis:

  • QCD on Windows
  • Amarok on Linux
  • Aeroplayer on Palm
  • GSPlayer on Acer n35 PDA
  • iRiver iFP-890 256MB
  • Sumvision SV04-M18 2GB

Looking for a good car unit that can play Ogg Vorbis from SD card and CD. The new PLU2 unit looks good, but I've not seen it for sale in the UK. I did find a forum post somewhere saying it wasn't very good. Latest candidate is one from Acoustic Solutions.

Interesting opinion on state of Ogg Vorbis at The Guardian. He doesn't see much future if the big companies don't adopt it.

I see User:Saoshyant changed my mentions of Ogg -> Vorbis. This may confuse people who are new to this as their files are likely to be *.ogg. I'll use Ogg Vorbis in future.