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E-mail address & website

For my e-mail address please see my website.

Ambisonic credentials

I have joined this Wiki because it looks like you guys have an interest in Ambisonics. I can help with this. I have been following Ambisonics since 1977, and have owned an Ambisonic decoder (a Minim AD7) since 1994. I also created and maintain the Ambsonic Surround Sound FAQ. However, I do not work in pro-audio; I am just a domestic listener.

Resources on Ambisonics

  • There is now a set of articles on Wikipedia on Ambisonics.
  • Of particular relevance is the ".amb" specification for downloadable B-Format files. There are currently about 75 pieces available in this format for free download.
  • My website has many pages on Ambisonics (with links to other Ambisonic websites at the bottom).