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E-mail address & website

For my e-mail address, please see my website.

Ambisonic credentials

I have joined this Wiki because it looks like you guys have an interest in Ambisonics. I can help with this. I have been following Ambisonics since 1977, and have owned an Ambisonic decoder (a Minim AD 7) since 1994. I also created and maintain the Ambisonic Surround Sound FAQ. More recently, I was involved in defining the ".amb" and ".uhj" specifications for dowloadable B-Format and two-channel UHJ files. I have also proposed the ".amg" file format for downloadable G-Format files. However, I do not work in pro-audio; I am just a domestic listener.

Ambisonics on XiphWiki

In January 2007, I found the Ambisonics page on this Wiki marked for deletion. I removed this, and created a page discussing some of the problems of handling Ambisonic B-Format, UHJ format, and G-Format.

External resources on Ambisonics

  • There is now a set of Wikipedia articles on Ambisonics.
  • Of particular relevance is the ".amb" specification for downloadable B-Format files. There are currently over 100 pieces available in this format for free download. Most of these are first-order full-sphere soundfields. The ".amb" spec has some limitations which it would be useful to overcome. The website has ceased to exist. Its content will be resurrected at the University of York, although this is taking a little time.
  • There is also the ".uhj" specification for downloadable two-channel UHJ files, although it is not currently in use. The ".uhj" spec also has some limitations which it would be useful to overcome.
  • I have proposed a ".amg" specification for downloadable G-Format files.
  • My website has many pages on Ambisonics (including at the bottom links to other Ambisonic websites).

Useful links (really here for my benefit)