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This page is for work on moving the XSPF project to a new home at Xiph.
Lead on project [[XSPF]]
Todo list:
Homepage: http://gonze.com/about
Email: lucas | at | gonze.com
# Due diligence on legal agreement.  What exactly are the XSPF group and Xiph group committing to?
## commitment to open/royalty-free<br>DanBri suggests:<br> "http://www.w3.org/Consortium/Patent-Policy-20040205/#sec-Requirements It would be re-assuring if Xiph would explicitly (re)confirm their commitment to open, royalty-free standards in this area. From a look  at the Xiph site, I'd guess that shouldn't be a problem..."
## what was the arrangement between FLAC and Xiph when they did a similar thing in 2003?
## talk to Xiph lawyer?
# Point xspf.org to Xiph server.
## Xiph admin to initiate transfer, Rob Kaye to confirm it.
## Change look to use xiph style?
# Finish moving source control to svn at Xiph.
# Move the mailing list?  How to do that without affect Musicbrainz.org?
# Press release similar to PR on FLAC arrangement. Jack Moffit?

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Lead on project XSPF

Homepage: http://gonze.com/about Email: lucas | at | gonze.com