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My name is Basil Mohamed Gohar. For more extensive personal information, you can probably find out a lot more by visiting my personal website.


I am currently (at least, as of 2010) a fulltime web developer who works for a small consulting firm in Columbus, Ohio. I am blessed to be able to work in an environment where the work I need to do can be achieved almost exclusively with free (as in freedom) software. However, my normal work doesn't require me to work extensively with multimedia, as I am primarily writing, extending, and maintaining web applications written in PHP and running atop MySQL. I do the vast majority of my multimedia work on the side or in my free time. It is here that I find great value in projects like Xiph and its sponsored technologies, such as Ogg, Theora, & Vorbis, which allow me to create & share media without restrictions or hidden costs.


I try my best to incorporate free formats into my projects as much as possible, as well as use them as a platform to share free media and educate others about free formats and the need for them.

Libre Video

Libre Video is a fledgling website/community I started to promote awareness about the issues surrounding free formats, software patents, and the hidden costs of intellectual property.

Adam to Akhira

"Adam to Akhira" was a promotional event held in Cleveland, Ohio in January, 2010, featuring a multitude of speakers, including a couple from AlMaghrib Institute. I mention this here because, with the permission (and to the great pleasure) of the organizers, I posted the audio & video recordings of the entire days worth of events online. While perhaps not amazing in terms of quality (the audio-only records came out well enough, though), the entire production process was done exclusively with free software.

How it was produced

All the videos were recorded using my very cheap MiniDV camcorder. The video was recorded straight to my laptop in interlaced DV format. I edited these source

mwEmbed is used to enable in-browser video playback without the explicit use of proprietary software, even in browsers that do not yet support the <video> tag from HTML5.

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