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Tremor is a fixed-point version of the Ogg Vorbis decoder for those platforms that can't do floating point math.


ARM/Coldfire/MIPS CPUs

You will probably want to use the Tremor main branch. You can check it out here:

svn co

It contains some optimizations for ARM and the overall lowest computational complexity. It should run on most devices with a few hundred KB of codec RAM.

Texas Instruments TMS320C55x DSP Family

Download the generic lowmem source using Subversion. This is probably the version you want to start working with for a DSP, but maybe slower on normal CPUs.

svn co

There is also a no-byte branch for platforms whose smallest data unit is larger than 8 bits.

Required / Suggested Changes to the code as downloaded:

  • Roland Wintersteller's various fixes

See the mailing list entry

  • Johannes Sandvall's performance improvements

See the mailing list entry or just download

  • alloca removal

The TI compiler does not support this.

  • misc compiler warning fixes
  • hooks to TI DSPLIB functions cfft3216_NOSCALE and cbrev32

These are part of the TI DSPLIB which can be downloaded from the TI website.