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The projects are mainly in english. Some of this projects are used by many non-english speaking users. They will be happy to find some help in their own language. The main goal of this page is to answer those two questions:

- how are we going to translate the docs?

- how are the translated docs going to be integrated on the websites?

  • How are we going to translate the docs?

First a translation need some translators. The Xiph Foundation needs to call for help. Many users are ready to help but need a sign and a clear todo list. Prior to translate all the docs, users can write some howtos in their mother language or a simple FAQ.

-> add a "we need translators" link on the docs webpages. This link can drive the users to a simple web formular with some checkboxes : what would I translate, have I ever made some translation work, etc. Then the formular sends a mail to a translation coordinator. The coordinator sends the docs to the users and when the docs is translated, the docs is merged into the main doc tree. At the begining a new user can start in re-reading an already translated doc.