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The projects are mainly in english. Some of this projects are used by many non-english speaking users. They will be happy to find some help in their own language. The main goal of this page is to answer those two questions:

- how are we going to translate the docs?

- how are the translated docs going to be integrated on the websites?

How are we going to translate the docs?

  • First a translation need some translators. The Xiph Foundation needs to call for help. Many users are ready to help but need a sign and a clear TODO list. Prior to translate all the docs, users can write some howtos in their mother language or a simple FAQ.

The more simple it is, the more I love it. You're going to read the icecast doc, you see a link "Won't you help us in translating or reviewing this doc?" this link takes you to a _simple_ webpage with a mailform, you send a mail and that's it. This link can drive the users to a simple web formular with some checkboxes : what would I translate, have I ever made some translation work, etc. Then the formular sends a mail to a translation coordinator. The coordinator sends some parts of the docs to the users and when the docs is translated, it is merged into the main doc tree. At the begining a new user can start in re-reading an already translated doc.

How are the translated docs going to be integrated on the websites?

  • a newly translated doc can only be integrated on a website by a coordinator or a webmaster. The coordinator needs to be formed (?) by the webmaster in order to produce useable webpages. The coordinator has to produce some translation how-tos for the translators (some useful KDE translator stuff here).

On a FTP point of view, that's quite simple:



/docs/en/... -> all the doc in english

/docs/fr/... -> all the doc in french

/docs/de/... -> all the doc in german

And so on.

  • Instead maybe we could use something like




There probably isn't any reason to use a .en as all of the official docs are in English anyway.

The main index.php page lists the docs for every language.

- if the doc is fully translated and reviewed, the doc is ok

- if the doc needs to be re-readed, a link, at the top of the page asks for some volunteers

- if the doc needs to be translated, a link, at the top of the page asks for some volunteers.

How are we going to start?

IMHO Icecast is the Xiph project having the biggest need in translation. I suggest that we begin with it.

1 - Modify the page.

Quoting and editing : "Here is an index to the icecast documentation we know about. If there is something out ther on the Web that you know about, but is not listed here, send an email to The icecast documentation is going to be avalaible in many languages. Feel free to volunteer and give your help: click on your flag

2 - Add a flag list.

Each flag takes the user on its page. (this page needs a PHP file in order to simply list the docs)

3 - Each doc links takes the user to a specific doc homepage with the call for help.

4 - Produce some translation guidelines.