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This page specifies a subclass of HTML documents that is a time-aligned text format for audio-visual content. We call the format "timed divs within HTML" or TDHT. It is intended to be used only in a World Wide Web context i.e. everywhere that Web browser functionality is available. Use cases for the format are subtitles, captions, annotations and other time aligned text as listed at http://wiki.xiph.org/index.php/OggText#Categories_of_Text_Codecs .

TDHT may be similar to W3C TimedText DFXP in many respects, but in comparison to DFXP it does not re-invent HTML, CSS and effects, but rather uses existing HTML, CSS and javascript for these. The purpose of DFXP is to create a web-independent exchange format for timed text, which is why it cannot directly be specified as a subpart of HTML. TDHT in contrast is HTML with a minimum number of changes.

File Extension

Files in this format are to be of text/x-tdht mime type.

Files in this format should have a file extension of .tdht .

The TDHT format

TDHT files are time-aligned text. This means there is a time association with blocks of text and there is time-based seeking functionality on those blocks of text.

Here is an example tdht file for subtitles:

    <title>Desperate Housewives - Season 5, Episode 6</title>
    <div start="00:00:00,070" end="00:00:02,270">
      <p>Previously on...</p>
    <div start="00:00:02,280" end="00:00:04,270">
      <p>We had an agreement to keep things casual.</p>
    <div start="00:00:04,280" end="00:00:06,660">
      <p>Susan made her feelings clear.</p>
    <div start="00:00:06,800" end="00:00:10,100">
      <p>So if I was with another woman, that wouldn't bother you? No, it wouldn't.</p>