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This is the todo list for the theora project. If you're interested in helping out please try one of the ideas below, and coordinate with us on the mailing list or irc.

Fix theora-exp

The theora-exp implementation has many promising new features, but needs some help:

  • the encoder doesn't work very well. Ask derf in #theora on for how to get started.
  • it needs some release engineering so people can start using the decoder library libtheoradec
  • make it go faster!

Fix libtheora decoder

There are still some features missing from the libtheora reference decoder. See Theora:Beta1ToDo for details.

This implementation can also use a lot more optimization.

Easy Transcoding on Windows

It's difficult for people to create theora files outside the command line. We need a simple tool that does drag-and-drop transcoding, with a gui for metadata and license marking, and some simple cleanup like crop/scale/rotate and color adjustment. This could be just a wrapper around ffmpeg2theora.

Quicktime export

It is important that content creators be able to easily create ogg theora videos.

  • extend current xiph-qt components to allow encoding from qt applications. Arek has now done some work in this direction.
  • write a stand-alone output encoder plugin that does best-practices export
  • do a gui transcode tool, a little like ffmpeg2theora, but pulling from the native quicktime decoders and writing out ogg theora + vorbis/speex. Must have a drag and drop interface with sensible quality presets, metadata insertion. Bonus points for integrated stream sourcing and upload to various free sharing sites with appropriate CC licensing.