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Open for Beta1

  • According to this ticket, beta1 should ship with a decoder supporting the whole spec.
  • Main things from rillian's todo are:
    • Implement non-vp3 qi matrix support in the reference decoder.
    • Implement per-block qi switching as per the spec.
    • API updates. clean up api to add theora_ctl() for setting codec options, and move non-info-header data out of the theora_info struct into theora_state.
  • 4:2:2 and 4:4:4 pixel format support in the reference codec.

This can wait for the next beta but doesn't have to

  • Add some sort of mmx(?) wims,VP3HoSwiYO or rodolphes sugestion?
    • There is a branch with liboil calls: theora-oil.
    • There is a branch of theora-lib with MMX optimization for encoding: theora-mmx.
    • Also there is theora-exp, an experimental library supporting the whole spec and having also MMX optimization for decoding.

Already done:

  • Specs are finished.
  • API updates: theora_packet_isheader(), theora_packet_iskeyframe(), theora_encoder_ctl(), theora_decoder_ctl() (in 1.0alpha4).
  • The encoder/decoder inloop filter mismatch was fixed in alpha4.