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  • 1.1 code (done)
  • Update docs and FAQ (done)
  • Send out information about key messages (everyone)
  • Stage final code (rillian)
  • Update online docs (rillian)
  • Update faq?
  • Update website (rillian, others)
  • Release builds of ffmpeg2theora and other related tools (arek, j^)


  • Monty's technical demo8 post (xiphmont, done)
  • Key messages defined (derf, blizzard, xiphmont, gmaxwell, done)
  • Feature list for humans (blizzard, needs editing)
  • Feature list for video geeks (derf, need doing)


  • Update the 1.1 API Documents (still says beta but is accurate)
  • Review the FAQ for any changes required (unsure, probably not done)
  • Add documentation for users two-pass and soft-target + constant rate with the 1.1 encoder (not done?)