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What about non-standard encoders and tunings?

Shouldn't you make a page about how to encode vorbis files?

[JohnRipley] How about a list of third party implementations of the Vorbis codec itself? For example: JOrbis, and mine :)

Windows Media Player Encoding

[cparker] I'd like to know how to enable Windows Media Player to encode vorbis files directly from the "Rip" tab. I'm using Windows Media Player 9-10. I checked[1], and it appears to be quite outdated. (It makes a reference to

HW requirements ?

[xerces8] What CPU power (in terms of popular PC CPUs) is required for realtime decoding of Vorbis ? Does tremor require more/less time/space as the "classic" version ? (I plan to purchase a used laptop to use as a Vorbis playing station, so I need to know, thanks)