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  • I'm a beta tester (for Savage) has this been added yet? I still see quite a few .wav's (trelane)
  • Yes, those are sound effects. Vorbis is only used for music, because you wouldn't want to burden the CPU with decoding 24 oggs simultaneously (slothy).
  • Of course you could decode the sound samples ahead of time and avoid the decode on the fly silliness. (xcaliber)
  • At the expense of load time slowness if you do it then, or install time slowness if you do it during the install. If you do it during the install, you've only saved yourself space on the CD, which you can probably do in other ways as well. Plus most games don't keep all the sounds loaded in memory, so decompressing them to memory isn't a good thing, it's a RAM hog. This is why nobody should use any compressed codecs for sound effects in games. (slothy)
  • Doesn't the PC version of GTA San Andreas Use Vorbis?
  • It seems like Black and White 2 by Lionhead uses Ogg Vorbis.

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