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Applying for a Google Summer of Code project with Xiph.Org

Prospective students: please fill out a copy of this template for your application, answering each question in plenty of detail. The more information the better - though we might ask you for more details later anyway.

Our list of suggested projects is at You're welcome to suggest other projects, though, if you think you have a good idea. Feel free to jump on irc (, #xiph) if you'd like to discuss things before submitting a project proposal.

Name and Contact details

Your name and email address here.

Your background

You're a student! Tell us about what you're studying, where, and so on. Tell us what your interests are, what (if any) work you've previously done in the field of multimedia, and so on.

If you've worked on free software before, that's great. Tell us what you've worked on, what you've done for those projects, etc.


What project would you like to work on? If it's one from our list of suggestions, don't just copy the title from there - tell us a bit about what approach(es) you'd like to take to this project. If it's not from that list, tell us as much as you can about what you want to do.

Project outcomes

Go into more details here: what do you think you'll be able to get done in the three months available? Name specific goals: features, percentage performance improvements, etc.


Give us a rough outline of how you want to schedule your work over the three months. If you're going to be away for any part of that, let us know now - it's not a problem if you're heading off on holidays for a week or two, but we have to be convinced you're going to put enough time in. When will you start? What milestones do you want within the project? How much time will you be able to put in?

Why should we select you?

Google's Summer of Code project is enormously popular - unfortunately, we'll have to reject many more proposals than we'll be able to accept. So this is your chance to tell us what makes YOU the best person for us to pick.