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This is our ideas page for Google Summer of Code 2015 projects with

Students please use the template at Summer of Code Applications when applying for a GSoC position.

Mentors please visit Summer of Code Mentoring and help us prepare our application as a mentoring organization.

General Ideas

Streaming / Icecast

  • Configuration interface
  • Improved video stream handling

In addition Trac contains some tickets tagged GSoC that can serve as starting points for developing project ideas.

  • Improved stream meta-data handling in general

Detailed Project Descriptions

These ideas were suggested by various members of the developer community as projects that would be beneficial and which we feel we can mentor. Students should feel free to select one of these, develop a variation, or propose their own ideas. Here, ideally.

Icecast configuration interface

Icecast is very flexible in its configuration and uses XML to store configuration.

Problem / Intro

While we do our best to document things and have a solid default configuration, many users fail at setting up Icecast by e.g. malforming the XML or misunderstanding options.

Solution / Task

The Icecast project should have its own reference configuration UI. It should expose all possible configuration options. It should have several detail levels to make it easier for users. Easy with core items, up to Expert exposing all items. Either from scratch or by adopting existing open source code.

ticket on this topic


The student should be familiar with XML, c programming and HTML.


Thomas B. Rücker, tbr

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