Summer of Code 2008

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This is our ideas page for Google Summer of Code projects with and Annodex. The two projects participate jointly this year under Xiph's name.

Students please use the template at Summer of Code Applications when applying for a GSoC position.

Current Ideas

We need a primary and backup mentor volunteer for any project that is to become an official proposal, but submit something and we'll see who we can round up. :)

Project ideas go here

  • Theora encoding support in GIMP
  • Speex support in IceS
  • Multiplexing support (so one can play audio from video files) + XSPF support in ogg123
  • Initial support for OggPCM in some of our tools

Guidelines for Applying

Remember that many people will apply to work on the Summer of Code.

Keep in mind that those of us evaluating your application do not know you, we do not know what kind of experience you have, we do not know what you have done in the past and we have to pick the best people suited for a particular task.

Hence, it is very important that you tell us in your email why you should be considered to implement a particular project. Please use the application template at Summer of Code Applications as a starting point.

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