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Una discusión en la Lista de correo de Partidarios de Xiph.org acerca de la falta de extensiones (plugins) para Wordpress que manejen Formatos Abiertos me puso a pensar acerca de los obstáculos que enfrentan estos formatos para volverse populares.

En este caso específico, estamos tratando de encontrar una extensión buena para el blog de SOM que nos permita insertar video theora y audio vorbis en nuestras publicaciones. Para hacer esto habría que modificar una extensión existente de tal manera que pueda aceptar estos formatos. Es frustrante para un usuario de "nivel medio” (of which I consider myself), con conocimiento de los formatos abiertos y su importancia, no poder usarlos.

Thankfully, there are those of us who understand code quite well. In my case, I know very little about PHP, and as such, find the idea of modifying actual code quite intimidating, as would probably many mid-level users.

The question that arises is how do we expect Open Formats to take off without the ability for average and mid-level users to integrate these formats easily? Obviously this gets at a central issue that SOM will hope to solve — taking Open Formats from the more obscure to the more commonplace. A plugin that plays well with theora and vorbis is a great resource we can hopefully offer to the WP community, but that is only one of many ways we can move open formats into a more common area.

Keeping the average user in mind is very important. To truly spread open media, we have to always keep the lowest-common-denominator in the back of our mind in terms of technological prowess. Without that, Open Formats will potentially remain niche as opposed to ubiquitous.

Traducido al español por Luis Felipe López Acevedo