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Hoy, Adobe Systems Incorporated anunció que extenderá la plataforma Flash para la admisión de los formatos propietarios H.264 y HE-AAC.

La Fundación Xiph.Org ha contactado previamente a Adobe para que considere extender Flash de modo que admita los formatos de Medios Abiertos Vorbis, Theora, y Speex. Los desarrolladores de Adobe respondieron diciendo que eso sería imprudente ya que se incrementaría el tamaño de archivo del Flash Player, y sin embargo, eso es lo que pasará ahora, con el procedimiento injusto de Adobe de ignorar el apoyo a nuestros formatos creados por el W3C como SVG y SMIL, por by el WHATWG como HTML 5, y por la Fundación de Estándares XMPP como Jabber's Jingle.

There is clearly a need for a non-patented, royalty-free standard for video and audio on the web. The Xiph.Org Foundation provided such standards. Adobe Systems Incorporated decided to ignore this and back the use of formats with submarine patents and no clear advantage over Open Media formats. Interoperability on the Web? Nah, screw that.

The Xiph.Org Foundation will continue to provide support for the corporations who seek to create interoperability on the Web. We will not stop the improving process of our formats.

The Xiph.Org Foundation will announce soon the Web Video/Audio Interoperability Campaign through our Spread Open Media project. This campaign will bring together the community and the browser developers to speed up support of the <video> and <audio> elements of HTML 5, as well as the use of SVG and SMIL in order to create an Open Web. Be part of such vision.

Adobe Systems Incorporated describes itself as "Adobe revolutionizes how the world engages with ideas and information — anytime, anywhere and through any medium". We would like to work together with Adobe Systems Incorporated to reach such goal. However, we do not agree on their approach in this issue, and we would like to ask them to consider their stance.

The Xiph.Org Foundation is a non-profit organization that provides a collection of open source, multimedia-related projects. It is the most aggressive effort to put the foundation standards of Internet audio and video into the public domain, where all Internet standards belong.