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  • It has equal or better quality compared with formats that stuff DRM up your nose and get you sued in court.
  • You can share media files across P2P and different operating systems, and it will work on those computers because the specification of the formats are open.
  • No matter your needs, be it music, speech, video, playlists, or slideshows: open media will cover them.
  • If you help spread the word, then you will see more support and compatibility in portable players, which will benefit everyone.
  • You can buy music or videos online, and they won’t be crippled with DRM.
  • You can make your own radio or TV station without paying for expensive MPEG licenses, and you won’t get thrown into pantent hell where anyone may sue you.
  • You can save your bandwidth in case you author podcasts or stream content, and those will have better quality than when using proprietary formats.
  • The more people that use open media, the better formats you can expect in the future, so if you use open media you are making the world a little bit of a better place.
  • It’s one of those little things that make you feel happier.
  • We’ll lose our job if you don’t use open media, and if we lose our job, I’ll shoot this little bunny that I’m holding right now. I’M SERIOUS; DON’T MAKE ME KILL THE LITTLE BUNNY.