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* [http://opendocument.xml.org/ OpenDocument] (office)
* [http://opendocument.xml.org/ OpenDocument] (office)
* [http://w3.org/AudioVideo SMIL] (media presentations)
* [http://w3.org/AudioVideo SMIL] (media presentations)
Why aren't GIF, JPEG, and JPEG2000 on this list?
== What is this Ogg thing I keep hearing about? ==
== What is this Ogg thing I keep hearing about? ==

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What is Spread Open Media all about?

Spread Open Media is the one web site where you’ll find everything you need to know about the media formats that will help build a better world. And if you believe in our cause, you may want to tell everyone you know about those new formats, because ignorance is their worst enemy. So come join the fight to free the content you care from the corporations that want to restrict your rights and lock your files.

On SOM you will find campaigns to join, advertisement material to use, tutorials to help your friends, a database of products that work with Open Media formats, and a directory of cool stuff to watch or listen to.

Open Media formats allow for innovation, quality, and freedom. Through them, and only through them, do projects like Wikipedia and Creative Commons make sense. Through them, and only through them, will video and audio work across the web as smoothly as images do now. It’s time to promote them. It’s time to Spread Open Media.

How can I help?

There’s many things you can do:

  • Start using Open Media formats.
  • Share only Open Media formats with others.
  • Link to this site. We have some banners that you may use.
  • Inform companies that you want to use Open Media formats (check the MailOgging project).
  • Join one of the campaigns.
  • Suggest new campaigns.
  • Help translate this site to other languages.
  • Pay a programmer to fix existing programs that deal badly with Open Media formats.
  • Pay for advertisement somewhere for the SOM cause.
  • Record podcasts in Speex. Release music in Vorbis or FLAC. Use Theora for video. Make SVG and/or PNG graphics for your web site. Use OpenDocument on your office. Share XSPF playlists.
  • Avoid MP3, AAC, H.264, Xvid, and OOXML like the plague.

What Open Media formats are there?

Here’s a list of the most common:

Why aren't GIF, JPEG, and JPEG2000 on this list?

What is this Ogg thing I keep hearing about?

Ogg is a container format. It’s complex, but you don’t need to know the details. Just keep in mind that Theora is sometimes called Ogg Video and Vorbis called Ogg Audio, because they both go inside Ogg.

You may also see some ignorant companies promoting so-called “OGG players”. There’s two serious problems here: Ogg is NOT an acronym and these companies are fooling their customers into thinking Ogg _is_ Vorbis, which is not true. So, if you see a company selling a player with support for “OGG”, it means it can play Vorbis, but very likely it won’t play any of Theora, Speex, OggPCM, OggMNG, or OggUVS.

To avoid confusion just forget about Ogg altogether and call the formats by their appropriate name, regardless of their connection to the Ogg project.

Is SOM related with PlayOgg?

No, and if you actually want to help promote Open Media formats like Vorbis avoid them. Threat tactics, desinformation, and ignorancy do _not_ pass the message we want.