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In this section you will find campaigns, big and small, that you may want to join. Every bit of help is good to raise awareness of free formats and Open Media.


Ever heard of Folding@home? It's a program that uses unused CPU cycles of your computer to do calculations and simulations of protein folding. What it means is that you can help the scientific community to find out how to heal certain illnesses while promoting the use of Open Media formats!

Yeah. Join our team of "folders" and, while your computer is on, you help science and you help the SOM cause, as the teams with the more active members show up high in the F@H site statistics.

How do you do it? Simple.

If you already use F@H, just use the number 84717 as your team.

If you have never used F@H, go to the Stanford's web site and dowload the client for your Operating System. During setup, you'll have to choose a username and, optionally, a team. Add 84717 as the number of your team.