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The Speex homepage has all the project info.


  • Speech/signal processing
    • Write a better perceptual enhancer
    • Improve packet-loss concealment (PLC)
    • Re-write the built-in voice activity detector (VAD)
    • Improve the 2.15 kbps vocoder mode (there are even 4 unused bits left to use!)
  • Complete fixed-point
    • Wideband
    • VBR
    • Rest of the narrowband modes
    • More...
  • Tune
    • Noise weighting filter
    • Perceptual enhancement
  • Features
    • Implement maximum VBR bit-rate
    • Implement peeling (write functions to strip some of the bits)
  • Documentation
    • Use questions from the mailing list to create a better FAQ on the wiki
    • Update the Speex manual based on recent papers
    • Improve libspeex documentation
    • Write good example code

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