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  • I don't know a lot about the internals from Icecast and the like, but it would be abandon any direct interaction with the actual streaming server, and i don't know if that is in your interest.
    1 KB (192 words) - 12:08, 19 February 2016
  • ...e of the tools that use it is generally pretty good. But some applications don't provide their own documentation, and there are some points that people sh If you need really high speed and don't care if the bitrate is enormous (or the quality is really poor) you can u
    3 KB (455 words) - 10:39, 10 April 2010
  • - d: We don't know how long a slot we're getting, around an hour or two. We need to dec - d: If you don't have two hours of material let me know
    4 KB (812 words) - 17:03, 6 February 2015
  • CG for raw transform, no prediction: 'I don't know yet' We don't vote in the IETF!
    3 KB (477 words) - 17:14, 6 February 2015
  • ...eate Xiph.Org conference swag: brochures, posters, toys, demo disks, etc. (don't do this without coordinating with folks) * Local blogging platform so JM / Xiphmont don't need to use livejournal— in particular having nice media support would
    2 KB (309 words) - 06:35, 2 March 2021
  • - jm: The impression I got was that the reason other codecs don't ge tthis is that they dont' run a prefilter and it gets blurred over and and blurs again. So in our codec we unblur, and if there is noise, we don't beep bluring it, but retain it.
    3 KB (557 words) - 09:55, 31 March 2015
  • ...n't match up (FIXME: is this actually in the code ?), or the lacing values don't match up) it will increment the page counter by 1, which thus shows up as ...ed from lossless streaming''' case: as above, but you can seek. You still don't have eos pages
    3 KB (539 words) - 09:08, 23 June 2016
  • ...ully it will work better once it's caught up with the current code base. I don't think we have any clips that are great for testing it. - jm: These I don't think would look really well in the current deringing filter. That will d
    8 KB (1,525 words) - 17:00, 6 February 2015
  • gmaxwell is on vacation, so don't pick him as a reviewer until the 18th :) ...previous open loop data to iterate and converge on what we would get.... i don't see a closed form solution but the iterative solution converges. We can d
    7 KB (1,269 words) - 17:01, 6 February 2015
  • Sing songs of praise to Operation Transcode. Help your friends (who don't think you're crazy) to do the same thing. Help make the world a better p ...colleagues in a never-ending cycle. But PowerPoint presentations and WMVs don't help the Open Media cause, do they?
    4 KB (700 words) - 11:57, 9 September 2015
  • - j: I don't think we should gate the release on 32x32 and deringing. - jm: We don't need as much energy preservation for video, but it's still good. Another
    8 KB (1,475 words) - 11:23, 23 December 2014
  • ...per block which disables the filter entirely for the block (gain of 0). I don't have crossfade, but I didn't notice much of an issue with blocking artifa ...n the edges of the dunes. The color edges are just chroma contrast so they don't show up. I'm not sure yet how to handle chroma. THere's many ways to hand
    8 KB (1,510 words) - 16:59, 6 February 2015
  • - s: I still need to deal correctly with matching and padding, but I don't have a better plan, no. ...Please start with the actual test for reconstruction noise, otherwise you don't know where the problem lies. It's quite possible that EDI works will well
    6 KB (1,218 words) - 17:00, 6 February 2015
  • * ''If browsers don't widely implement a feature'', or if authors don't use a feature, or if the uses of the feature are inconsequential of funda ...s as they do with the spec; they aren't just for finding browser bugs.) We don't yet have a good story with respect to test suites, sadly. If you want to
    4 KB (690 words) - 06:54, 1 August 2009
  • this thing. i'm seeing a lot of bheavior with the new predictors which don't just use DC for the 16x16 case. it moves some low frequency energy into H - derf: we don't use adaptive quantization so we should be spending more bits than we actu
    6 KB (1,198 words) - 17:15, 6 February 2015
  • - t: The MVs also worked. So far it looked like the MVs don't get screwed up, but I need to look at them more. For coding the predictor - d: I don't know what you mean.
    7 KB (1,303 words) - 01:45, 15 April 2015
  • ...e uncompressed reference. So it's useful to have it lying around anyway. I don't know if we want to motion compensate the old reference though. - d: I don't think skip decisions helps you at all. You're tlaking about feed forward
    10 KB (1,989 words) - 17:02, 6 February 2015
  • - jm: if we don't use 4x4, it's even worse. look at - d: we certainly don't.
    5 KB (1,015 words) - 17:03, 6 February 2015
  • * Don't code blocks that are outside the image * Re-order bitstream (e.g., don't code all MVs at the front, etc.)
    2 KB (329 words) - 13:06, 18 February 2015
  • ...ce yourself. Hang out with us on IRC. Give us a chance to get to know you. Don't be shy. Multimedia programming is technically demanding and while we do e ...oject would you like to work on? If it's one from our list of suggestions, don't just copy the title from there - tell us a bit about what approach(es) yo
    3 KB (584 words) - 02:12, 3 March 2015

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