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-injars cortado-ovt-stripped-0.5.1.jar
-outjars cortado-ovt-proguard-0.5.1.jar

-optimizationpasses 4
-libraryjars "<java.home>/lib/rt.jar" 
-target 1.1 

# The mergeinterfacesaggressively option breaks Netscape 4 and possibly other JVMs.

-keep public class com.fluendo.player.Cortado {
    public void run();
    public void doPause();
    public void doPlay();
    public void doStop();
    public void doSeek(double);
    public void newSeek(double);
    public void setParam(java.lang.String, java.lang.String);
    public void restart();
    public void init();
    public void start();
    public void stop();
    public void play();
    public void pause();
-keep public class com.fluendo.plugin.HTTPSrc
-keep public class com.fluendo.plugin.FakeSink
-keep public class com.fluendo.plugin.VideoSink
-keep public class com.fluendo.plugin.AudioSinkJ2
-keep public class com.fluendo.plugin.AudioSinkSA
-keep public class com.fluendo.plugin.Overlay
-keep public class com.fluendo.plugin.TextOverlay
-keep public class com.fluendo.plugin.KateOverlay
-keep public class com.fluendo.plugin.Selector
-keep public class com.fluendo.plugin.OggDemux
-keep public class com.fluendo.plugin.TheoraDec
-keep public class com.fluendo.plugin.VorbisDec
-keep public class com.fluendo.plugin.KateDec
-keep public class com.fluendo.plugin.Queue
-keep public class com.fluendo.plugin.MultipartDemux
-keep public class com.fluendo.plugin.JPEGDec
-keep public class com.fluendo.plugin.SmokeDec
-keep public class com.fluendo.plugin.MulawDec

# Remove debugging - Throwable_printStackTrace calls. Remove all invocations of
# Throwable.printStackTrace().
-assumenosideeffects public class java.lang.Throwable {
    public void printStackTrace();

# Remove debugging - Thread_dumpStack calls. Remove all invocations of
# Thread.dumpStack().
-assumenosideeffects public class java.lang.Thread {
    public static void dumpStack();

# Remove debugging - All logging API calls. Remove all invocations of the
# logging API whose return values are not used.
-assumenosideeffects public class java.util.logging.* {

# Remove debugging - All Log4j API calls. Remove all invocations of the
# Log4j API whose return values are not used.
-assumenosideeffects public class org.apache.log4j.** {