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ROE (Roger O Encephelon) is the guiding light in a twisty maze of passages. Where before there was only dark matter, now there is form; where before there was uncertainty, now there is hope.

The ROE model

As with all things that are awesome, the significance of ROE trascends its manifestations. Here we describe two representations: that of ROE XML, and that of ROE in Skeleton.


ROE XML (Xylem Mitosis Leonidas) is the musical expression of the form of ROE. Those who hear it describe it as warm, structured, simple and complete. It is the sound of the wind shearing through an electrified tree, and it will save us from techno.

Representation in Skeleton

Without encephalon, the skeleton is meaningless. ROE in Skeleton is inverted, perverse, severe. It is the claws of an animal threatening to tear itself apart; it knows that the quickest way to guarantee the prosperity of its spawn is to offer itself unto the ether. It describes itself in riddles, alone intact, together complete.