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Samsung produce a range of players, many of which support Ogg Vorbis to a greater or lesser degree.


The YP-T6 is an incredibly small flash player with 128/256/512/1024 MB storage, has a mic and FM radio and supports MP3, WMA (DRM) and Ogg Vorbis. The YP-T6 has problems to play ogg-files created with older encoder-versions.


The YP-T7 has either 512MB or 1GB capacity and supports the same audio formats, which also applies to the YP-F1. It can display JPEGs on its color display.


The YP-T9 supports Ogg Vorbis with firmware 1.50 and higher. The older firmware also supports MTP transfers only. Note that new firmware is available in two versions, MTP and UMS. Units purchased in US/Canada come with MTP firmware but can be reflashed with UMS firmware from Samsung's download site.


The YP-C1 has similar specs, including Vorbis support; at the time of writing, it seems to be readily available only in Korea and China.


The YP-53, a small flash player with 128/256/512/1024 MB storage, mic, USB 2.0 and FM radio, supports MP3, WAV, WMA(DRM), Ogg Vorbis(-q >= 0) with Firmware 1.200.


The YP-U1 is a small (2,38 x 8,78 x 1,35 cm, ~32g) flash player with 128/256/512/1024/2048 MB storage. The player has a LCD b/w display and an integrated accumulator that is charged via USB. It supports USB2.0 and has an integrated USB-plug that can be flipped in and out, so no cable or adapter is needed. Besides Vorbis the YP-U1 supports MP3, ASF and WMA (and directory structures).


The YP-U2 sold in the US (YP-U2J) does not support OGG playback at all, despite what the website claims. Flashing an international firmware for the YP-U2XB allows Vorbis playback on US models (it also turns the player into a USB drive, so that WM10 isn't required to transfer files over. Note that certain international firmwares may remove the FM radio feature or hang the YP-U2J. See the appropriate link below for info on getting a hold of the correct Vorbis-compatible firmware.


The YP-Z5 is a player with color screen, 1/2/4 GB flash memory, USB 2.0 and MP3/WMA/ASF support. OGG is also supported (firmware versions 1.06US, 2.28US), but not officially mentioned on the manufacturers website.