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This page is meant to help with nickname to person lookup. Nickname can be a mail alias, an IRC nick, or a Subversion user — in most cases several of these. Please help to fill this table. Keeping your own entry up to date is a good start.

Who is who
Nickname Real name Keywords
arkadini Arek Korbik Quicktime, XiphQT
ben Benjamin Gérard libao
bjorn Bjorn Wijers Spread Open Media, XSPF
conrad Conrad Parker see kfish
derf Timothy B. Terriberry see tterribe
dllmain Sebastian Pipping see sping, nick not used anymore
doublec Chris Double firefox, theora, Mozilla
giles Ralph Giles see rillian
ginger Silvia Pfeiffer see nessy
imalone Ian Malone metadata
illiminable Zentaro Kavanagh DirectShow, dsfilters, Microsoft
ivo Ivo Emanuel Gonçalves see Saoshyant
jack Jack Moffitt libao, treasurer, Icecast
jcoalson Josh Coalson FLAC author
j, j^ Jan Gerber v2v, ffmpeg2theora, sysadmin
jmspeex Jean-Marc Valin speex, ghost, VoIP
jmworx Jean-Marc Valin see jmspeex
JoeyBorn Joe Born neuros
karl Karl Heyes Icecast
kfish Conrad Parker annodex, hogg, vorbis-tools
laser13 Marcin Lubonski annodex, oggplay, win32
lgonze Lucas Gonze XSPF
lu_zero Luca Barbato RTP Vorbis, RTP Theora, Gentoo
maikmerten Maik Merten theora, java, macos
MikeS Michael Smith fluendo, gstreamer, sysadmin, IceS
Monty Christopher Montgomery see xiphmont
msmith Michael Smith see MikeS
nessy Silvia Pfeiffer annodex, vquence, sysadmin, CMML
ozone André Pang annodex, macos
pjones Peter Jones cdparanoia, redhat
rillian Ralph Giles metadata, video, theora, MNG, sysadmin
Saoshyant Ivo Emanuel Gonçalves advocacy, Spread Open Media, XSPF
ribamar Ribamar Santarosa etheora
segher Segher Boessenkool vorbis, audio
shans Shane Stephens annodex, oggplay
silvia Silvia Pfeiffer see nessy
sping Sebastian Pipping XSPF, libSpiff, XSPF Validator
tterribe Timothy B. Terriberry theora, video
thomasvs Thomas Vander Stichele fluendo, flumotion, gstreamer
volsung Stan Seibert libao
xiphmont Christopher Montgomery vorbis, ghost, audio, Ogg, cdparanoia
zen Zentaro Kavanagh see illi