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IETF draft

  • New comparison tool done in draft-11
  • Update test vectors done in draft-11


  • Finish codec draft
  • Get draft through the RFC process
  • Ogg mapping (including multi-channel). See: OggOpus
  • Matroska mapping. See: MatroskaOpus
  • RTP payload format

1.0 Launch

  • De-uglify webpage
  • Add logo
  • FAQ (In progress: OpusFAQ)
  • Promotional material
  • Opus tools releases


  • Logo See: Mozilla bug 689261 for some discussion
  • Test vectors
  • Listening tests
  • Documentation (at a minimum every exported symbol should have complete and accurate documentation)
  • Add content to opus-codec.org
    • The above documentation
    • Presentations
    • Examples and test results (hyperlink to Monty's demo, gmaxwell's HA results page, etc)
  • Oggz-validate (should also validate opus toc)


  • Build infrastructure (e.g. autotools)
  • A simple real time streaming example tool
  • Multichannel support doneish.
  • Replaygain (half done— needs a gain tool)
  • Testing (incl. jenkins automation) doneish

Future work

  • Smart automatic mode decision
  • psymodel based VBR
  • Remove copy in inverse MDCT
  • Save some float<->int conversions
  • Improvements to LP mode CBR (greg has some code)
  • Reduce stack usage in SILK, make it use the heapstack when set[1]