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Opus 1.0.2 fixes an out-of-bounds read that could be triggered by a malicious Opus packet causing an integer wrap-around in the padding code. Considering that the packet would have to be at least 16 MB in size and that no out-of-bounds write is possible, the severity is very low. This new release also has the following changes:


  • Changed the behaviour of the PLC to always fill the caller's buffer
  • Hybrid mode quality improvements and fixes
  • Fixed bugs in the CELT mode PLC
  • Redundant mode transition fixes

Other minor changes

  • Stack reduction
  • Doc fixes (many)
  • 16-bit fixes
  • Misc build fixes
  • Extra API: OPUS_GET_LAST_PACKET_DURATION ctl() and opus_packet_get_nb_samples()
  • Minor code cleanup