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This is a draft spec for encapsulation of the YUV4MPEG2 uncompressed video format in Ogg. This is is primarily useful for multiplexing it with audio for transmission through a single pipe.


The YUV4MPEG format was created and defined by the linux audio/video tools package. It is a combination of text-based headers and 'raw' frame data. This is just an informational summary. See the lav-tools documentation for the complete definition.

A YUV4MPEG file begins with a single text line which defined the stream parameters like image size, framerate, chroma subsampling and so on. For example:

YUV4MPEG2 W352 H288 F30000:1001 Ip A128:117

This header is followed by a sequence of frames. Each frame has a text header "FRAME", followed by the raw frame data, a plane at a time, in binary.