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* [http://www.xiph.org/ogg/doc/ Ogg documentation]
* [http://www.xiph.org/ogg/doc/ Ogg documentation]
* [http://www.ietf.org/rfc/rfc3533.txt Ogg RFC]

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The Ogg transport bitstream is designed to provide framing, error protection and seeking structure for higher-level codec streams that consist of raw, unencapsulated data packets, such as the Vorbis audio codec or Theora video codec.

Design constraints for Ogg bitstreams

  • True streaming; we must not need to seek to build a 100% complete bitstream.
  • Use no more than approximately 1-2% of bitstream bandwidth for packet boundary marking, high-level framing, sync and seeking.
  • Specification of absolute position within the original sample stream.
  • Simple mechanism to ease limited editing, such as a simplified concatenation mechanism.
  • Detection of corruption, recapture after error and direct, random access to data at arbitrary positions in the bitstream.

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