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Wednesday 11th of July at 06:00 UTC

Preliminary Agenda

  • OggPCM: is it finished? May we start supporting it in our tools (e.g. decoding on ogg123, encoding on oggenc)?
  • OggPlay: status. This project will be vital on the competition to get <video> and <audio> to use our formats
  • Oggless proposal: opinion by other Xiph members other than Ivo, Silvia, Sebastian, and Conrad needed
  • MIME Types and File Extensions proposal: same as above
  • Ambisonics: what's the status? Are we having a libambi for all codecs?
  • Change of Wiki license from CC-BY-SA (Similar to GPL) to CC-BY (similar to BSD): anyone opposing?
  • Default XSPF support in Icecast: will it happen?

Where's #xiphmeet