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2006 October MonthlyMeeting

There must be a meeting.

I propose at the 4th of October at 6:00 GMT. This proposal will be e-mailed to most updated lists.--Saoshyant 06:58, 28 September 2006 (PDT)


  • Google Summer of Code students that "vanished"
  • Can we find some webmasters?
  • How can we get more new contributers?
  • Why does no one come to meetings any more?
  • Should we go forward with OggPCM?
  • What about releasing an updated version of vorbis-tools, should contain many updates over current stable release, notably fixes for 5.1 vorbis files?
  • What about merging aoTuV Release 1 in libvorbis? It has a lot of improvement and has been tested extensively by the comunity. Worse is that Free OS users typically use standard libvorbis shipped with their distro, while Windows users use one of the aoTuV binary of rarewares. Seems that aoTuV has no regression against libvorbis 1.1.2, so would really be nice to make aoTuV the default Vorbis encoder for all: standard libvorbis is poor compared with other modern codecs, while aoTuV is generally on par/better.
  • There are over 50 tickets marked as PATCH in the trac. Many of these are fix for old and known problems, and some are already fixed (sometimes in different ways) into Linux distributions (notably Debian) with custom patches, while others add new features. Would be nice if someone takes up some time reviewing and applying/rejecting the trac and distribution patches, so even other distributions/who build from source get the benefits.
  • Seems that it is no more possible to add/modify tickets in the trac without an account; can users reporting bugs get such account (best would be reuse the accounts of
  • Lucas Gonze from the XSPF project needs help with the MIME registration of XSPF at the IETF
  • Discussing if Xiph should recommend using another file extension for Theora, to avoid confusion between audio and video files (relevant link, solution?, discussion at Wikimedia) (this also is a major issue on windows, particularly in windows media player)
  • Status of projects