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# Project reports
# Project reports
# ???
# ???
[http://www.paybacksh.com/Body/aboutus.asp 服装CAD]
[http://www.paybacksh.com/Body/aboutus.asp 数字化仪]
[http://www.paybacksh.com/Body/aboutus.asp 服装设计软件]
[http://www.paybacksh.com/Body/aboutus.asp 服装绘图仪]
[http://www.office-021.com 上海办公楼]
[http://www.5151office.cn 上海写字楼]
[http://www.xinyitong.org 翻译公司]
[http://www.xinyitong.org 上海翻译公司]
[http://www.xinyitong.org 北京翻译公司]
[http://www.youyipu.com 服装批发]
[http://www.youyipu.com 外贸服装批发]
[http://www.floraday.com.cn 鲜花]
[http://www.mhgzs.com 紫砂]
[http://www.autoing.com.cn 汽车租赁]
[http://www.autoing.com.cn 租车]

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This meeting will be held at 18h00 GMT September 7, 2005, in #xiphmeet on irc.freenode.net.

Note the new time!


  1. Project reports
  2. ???