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In an effort to bring open-source ideals to the world of multimedia The Foundation (XiphOrg) develops a multitude of amazing products.

Container Formats

  • Ogg: Media container. This is our native format and the recommeded container for Xiph codecs.
  • OggSkeleton: Skeleton information on all logical content bitstreams in Ogg
  • SpeexRTP: RTP payload format for voice
  • VorbisRTP: RTP payload format for general audio
  • TheoraRTP: RTP payload format for video
  • XSPF: XML playlist format


  • Compressed Codecs:
  • Uncompressed Codecs:
    • Audio:
      • OggPCM: Uncompressed PCM audio, primarily as an interchange codec
      • OggPCM2: An Alternative Uncompressed PCM audio, under active development
      • Humorous PCM format: Uncompressed PCM audio - and a lot more!
    • Video:
      • OggRGB: Uncompressed RGB video, primarily as an interchange codec, under active development
      • OggYUV: Uncompressed YUV video, primarily as an interchange codec, under active development
      • OggUVS: Uncompressed RGB and YUV video, under active development as an alternative to OggRGB and OggYUV.
    • Text & Hyperlinking:
      • OggWrit: Text phrase codec (e.g. subtitles)
      • CMML: Continuous Media Markup Language, used for Annodex and subtitles (xine, vlc, gstreamer, and DirectShow support)
  • Metadata Codecs:
    • Metadata: Arbitrary metadata stream format (vapourware so far)

Software for distributing media

  • Icecast: Streaming server
  • Ices: Source client for Icecast servers
  • IceShare: P2P content distribution

Other software


Want to hear Xiph in action? These projects are using our codecs, formats, or libraries.

Project management

Wiki internal

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