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= Projects/Formats =
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In an effort to bring open-source ideals to the world of multimedia The Xiph.org Foundation ([[XiphOrg]]) develops a multitude of amazing products.  
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== Container Formats ==
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* [[Ogg]]: Media container. This is our native format and the recommeded container for Xiph codecs.
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* [[OggSkeleton]]: Skeleton information on all logical content bitstreams in Ogg
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* [[SpeexRTP]]: RTP payload format for voice
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* [[VorbisRTP]]: RTP payload format for general audio
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* [[TheoraRTP]]: RTP payload format for video
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== Codecs ==
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* [[Vorbis]]: Audio codec
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* [[Tremor]]: Fixed-point decoder
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* [[Theora]]: Video codec
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* [[FLAC]]: Free Lossless Audio Codec
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* [[Speex]]: Speech codec
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* [[Ogg Writ]]: Text phrase codec (e.g. subtitles)
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* [[Metadata]]: Arbitrary metadata stream format (vapourware so far)
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* [[OggMNG]]: A mapping for encapsulating the MNG animation format in Ogg
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== Software for distributing media ==
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* [[Icecast]]: Streaming server
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* [[Ices]]: Source client for Icecast servers
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* [[IceShare]]: P2P content distribution
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= Demonstrations =
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Want to hear Xiph in action?  These projects are using our codecs, formats, or libraries.
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* [[VorbisStreams]]: Stations streaming with the Vorbis codec
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* [[Games that use Vorbis]]: Games using the Vorbis codec for music or sound effects
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* [[VorbisHardware]]: Hardware players using the Vorbis codec
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* [http://www.tversity.com TVersity Media Server]: A UPNP/AV compliant media server that uses the Ogg Vorbis libraries to transcode audio files to the Ogg Vorbis format.
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= Project management =
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* [[MonthlyMeeting]]
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* [[MailingLists]]
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* [[HyperFish]]
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= Wiki internal =
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* [[Sandbox]]: Testbed for testing editing skills.
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* [[Translations]]: What about some translation work
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In an effort to bring open-source ideals to the world of multimedia The Xiph.org Foundation (XiphOrg) develops a multitude of amazing products.

Container Formats

  • Ogg: Media container. This is our native format and the recommeded container for Xiph codecs.
  • OggSkeleton: Skeleton information on all logical content bitstreams in Ogg


  • Vorbis: Audio codec
  • Tremor: Fixed-point decoder
  • Theora: Video codec
  • FLAC: Free Lossless Audio Codec
  • Speex: Speech codec
  • Ogg Writ: Text phrase codec (e.g. subtitles)
  • Metadata: Arbitrary metadata stream format (vapourware so far)
  • OggMNG: A mapping for encapsulating the MNG animation format in Ogg

Software for distributing media

  • Icecast: Streaming server
  • Ices: Source client for Icecast servers
  • IceShare: P2P content distribution


Want to hear Xiph in action? These projects are using our codecs, formats, or libraries.

Project management

Wiki internal