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This is a list of all the current mailing lists. Go here if you want to subscribe to one or more of them.

We're in need of new mailing list moderators, please contact if you can volunteer to do this for one or more lists (it takes a couple of minutes a day, no more).

 List name    Description                                    Moderator(s)
 Advocacy codec/tool advocacy                   none
 Announce      Announcements                                  none
 commits       Receives full details of all SVN commits       none
 Flac          FLAC users list                                none
 Flac-dev      FLAC developers list                           none
 Icecast       Icecast users list                             none
 Icecast-dev   Icecast developers list                        none
 ogg-dev       Ogg format developer discussions               none
 Paranoia      cdparanoia users list                          none
 Paranoia-dev  cdparanoia developers list                     none
 Speex-dev     The Speex speech codec                         none
 Theora        Theora video codec users list                  none
 Theora-codecs ??                                             none
 Theora-dev    Theora video codec developers list             none
 Tremor        Tremor (fixed-point vorbis) list               none
 Vorbis        Vorbis audio codec users list                  none
 Vorbis-dev    Vorbis audio codec developers list             none
 xiph-rtp      RTP implementation for Xiph codecs             none

Other mailing lists (no activity in the last six months):