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This is a list of the active Xiph.Org Foundation mailing lists. Go here if you wish to subscribe to any of them.

 List name         Description
 Accessibility     Accessibiity for Ogg
 Advocacy          Adoption and strategy for advocates
 Announce          General announcements list (unused)
 commits  Foundation source repository updates
 daala             Daala video codec development
 FLAC              Discussion about the FLAC format and tools
 FLAC-dev          Developer discussion about FLAC
 ghost-dev         Next generation audio codec development
 Icecast           Icecast streaming server user discussions
 Icecast-dev       Icecast streaming server discussion for developers
 Neurosetta        Discussion of a sync tool for the Neuros Audio Player
 ogg-dev           Ogg format developer discussions
 opus              Opus low-delay audio codec discussion
 Paranoia          CD ripping application user discussion
 Paranoia-announce CD ripping application release announcements
 Paranoia-dev      CD ripping application developer discussion
 Playlist          XSPF discussion list
 Speex-dev         voice codec development
 Theora            video codec user discussion
 Theora-dev        video codec development and implementation
 Tremor            (deprecated, use vorbis-dev instead)
 video             Discussion list for Xiph.Org video releases
 Vorbis            general purpose audio codec
 Vorbis-dev        audio codec development
 Xiph-RTP          Discussion of RTP encapsulation for codecs

The XSPF mailing list may be found at MusicBrainz.