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Full example of a Multimedia Metadata Format file.

<?xml encoding="UTF-8" version="1.0"?>
<metadata xmlns="http://xmlns.xiph.org/metadata/0.1/">
	<resource oggserial="0×EXAMPLE" type="video/theora" xml:lang="eng" xml:id="example-movie">
		<title>The Science of Sleep</title>
		<title xml:lang="deu">Anleitung zum Träumen</title>
		<title xml:lang="ita">La science des rêves</title>
		<tagline>Close your eyes. Open your heart.</tagline>
		<audience context="artistic" language="mild" sexual="sexact"/>
			<source media="dvd" uri="http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0354899/"/>
			<software title="Theora Maker" version="1.2" uri="http://example.tld/theoramaker/"/>
				<name>Gael García Bernal</name>
				<actor portrait="Stéphane Miroux"/>
				<name>Charlotte Gainsbourg</name>
				<actor portrait="Stéphanie"/>
				<name>Emma de Caunes</name>
				<actor portrait="Zoé"/>
				<name>Alain Chabat</name>
				<actor portrait="Guy"/>
				<name>Michel Gondry</name>
			<organisation uri="http://partizan.com/">Partizan</organisation>
			<license>© 2006 Partizan. All distribution rights reserved.</license>