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On this page you can find high resolution or resolution-independent (vector graphic) logos of the Xiph projects.


Note: When written, it's spelled “Xiph.Org”!

Xiph.Org Logo
Xiph.Org Logo (squared version)
Xiph.Org “Fish” Logo

Xiph.Org Community

“the xiph open source community” Logo
“the xiph open source community” Logo (light version)

Planet Xiph

“planet.xiph” Logo


FLAC Logo (Transparent)
FLAC Logo (Dark)

Opus Codec

Opus Codec Logo

Speex Codec

Note: The Speex codec has been obsoleted by the Opus codec.

Speex Codec Logo
OggSpeex Logo

Theora Codec

Theora Codec Logo

Vorbis Codec

Vorbis Codec Logo
Vorbis “Many Fish” Logo


Note: Icecast is spelled “Icecast”, with uppercase I and lowercase c. Every other spelling is wrong!

Icecast Logo (revised version provided by José Ferreira on the matehackers mailinglist)
Icecast Logo (for smaller displays)
Icecast Logo (for larger displays)