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This is a list of sites where you can download videos encoded with Theora.

Serial and Episodic

Geek Entertainment TV
A weekly video-cast covering technology topics, in an interview format. Many Ogg Theora format videos in the 2007 and prior archives.
Spanish website with clips from Andaluzian tv station. Content licensed under CC-BY-NC.
All videos, after late-2007, are in Ogg Theora format. There is an RSS feed available to be alerted to new videos, as they become available.
Linux Action Show
Video broadcast of the Linux Action Show during live recording.
Archive of the House of Representatives and Senate (USA) floor footage.
Rustbelt TV
Pittsburgh Indymedia's TV program based on Rustbelt Radio (audio available as ogg vorbis).
Features the stories of individuals hacking everyday life, with environmental sustainability.
Four technology episodes, from 2003 to 2006, that look at the computer hacker mentality.
A video show providing news, reviews, and general discussion about open source initiatives, since 2006.

Video Sharing Services

A list of video sharing websites which support the upload of Ogg files can be found on Wikipedia. Below is a shorter list of video sharing websites which support the download of Ogg files.
A video sharing website which allows the upload and the download of Ogg Theora files.
Engage Media
A video sharing website which focuses on social justice and environmental issues in South East Asia.
Theora Sea
A directory of online and free videos using ITheora.
An experimental Ogg video uploading site, which exists to test out usage of the HTML 5 video and audio elements with the Ogg codecs. You'll need a web browser that can playback Ogg media using video and audio tags, to display this video media.
A video syndication network which uses only open source software, in order to provide free and equal access to the video source.
Wikimedia Commons
An archive database of more than 3,000,000 media files, to which anyone can contribute.

Short Films

11200 Undo
A short movie about computer, religion, sex, glue and so on...
Big Buck Bunny
An open content, short animated film by the Blender Institute. Also known as by the project codename, Peach. Available in 720p and smaller sizes.
Elephants Dream
An open content, short animated film by the Blender Institute. Also known as by the project codename, Orange. More about the project...
Lego Movies
Two short movies: A New Computer and Swim.
More Lego Movies
Submissions from a Theora-only animation contest.
No Fat Clips!!!
Short films, music videos, hip commercials, and other kinds of short visual entertainment. Updated daily. (English and Italian language)
Shock Doctrine
A short film by Alfonso Cuarón and Naomi Klein, directed by Jonás Cuarón.
Voyage to the Planet of Prehistoric Women (1967) and The Snow Creature (1954)
Full-length public domain movies from the Internet Archive's collection.

Scientific Demonstrations

1696 Lightnings
Visual and audible demonstration of a lightning storm in Montreal.
Deep Vision
Technical demonstrations of the features of Deep Vision's Machine Perception.
Conceptual resonance with ice, by David Steinberg.
Two videos on computer graphic engines: fijuu2 and q3apd.

Streaming Media

Editing Archive TV
Streams unlicensed Japanese anime, amateur machinima films, and video game captures.
TV Mallorca
Streams the Mallorca television station content through streaming online. (Spanish language)
Provides video producers open-access to online media streaming, in a format stylized after a television channel.
Theora Livestream
from Vienna based community TV station Okto

GNU/Linux Philosophical

Recording of a speech on copyright, at Auckland University, New Zealand.
Creative Commons
Informational videos about Creative Commons, a charitable corporation which promotes alternative copyright licenses.
Free Electrons Conferences
technical talks given at conferences about free software.
Freedom Fry
Short film celebrating the 25th anniversary of the GNU operating system, starting Stephen Fry, entitled Happy birthday to GNU.
GNU and FSF Audio and Video Repository
Collection of audio and video content, primarily speeches on Free Software.
GPLv3 Conference, January 16-17 2006
Speeches by Peter Brown, Eben Moglen and Richard Stallman.
GNU Project's Philosophy Speeches
Featuring Richard Stallman and others.
Two speeches by Richard Stallman: What's GNU? and St. IGNUcius.

GNU/Linux Technical

Debian Videos
the annual Debian developers meeting, an event filled with discussions and workshops.
Demonstration videos for AIGLX, a project that aims to enable GL-accelerated effects on a standard desktop.
Community foo
A speech by Dimitris Glezos, from the Fedora Project, at FOSSComm 2008. (Greek language)
Dell Linux Engineering Vlogs
Recordings of interviews from Dell's Linux team, from 2006.
Fedora 9
Video demonstration of Resizing feature in Fedora 9. (Hebrew language)
FOSDEM Speeches
Video recordings of Free and Open Source developer talks held at FOSDEM editions from 2005 and onward.
Video recordings of technical talks at a conference commemorating the release of KDE 4, in Toulouse, France.
MacSlow Blog
A few videos demonstrating GUI elements, linked from a developer's blog.
Novell Brainshare
The three keynote speeches which were presented at Novell's Brainshare, in 2006.
Red Hat Videos
Videos about the GNU/Linux vendor's customers and solutions.
The official repository of videos by the openSUSE people, such as software developer interviews, instructional screencasts, and conference speeches.
Twisted Lincoln
Two instructional videos on the use of the GNU/Linux operating system.
Ubuntu Screencasts and Ubuntu Videos
Video tutorials and graphical demonstrations on how to use the Ubuntu operating system.

Web/Internet Technical

Combination of Theora video examples, from Open Source Forum 2005 and other events. Annodex applies open standards in annotating and indexing networked media.
BBC Backstage Blog
George Wright responds to Backstage questions in a video available in Theora format.
Envy Casts
Tutorials available for download in Ogg Theora after purchase. Instructor led training for Ruby on Rails computer programming.
Firefox 3 Screencast
Firefox 3 screenshot and advertising video
Firefox and Opera HTML5 Tests
Implementation examples of the HTML "video tag", using Theora video formats.
HTML5 Demonstration
Anne van Kesteren's Fronteers HTML 5 presentation which has video tags embedded in the presentation itself.
WebJam 3
Short video highlight of the WebJam 3, held in 2007. Media is free of copyright restrictions (public domain).

Uncatergorized videos

Battle of Wesnoth Trailer
The Battle for Wesnoth is a free, turn-based strategy computer game with a fantasy theme. Video licensed under GNU Free Documentation License.
Pragmatic Programmer
Technical tutorial screencasts for sale. Some screencasts and screencast previews are available in Ogg Vorbis format, including The Ruby Object Model and Metaprogramming, Erlang by Example, and Everyday Active Record.
Ulm CCC Chaosseminar
Computer-security conference speeches. (German language)

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