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This is a list of sites where you can download videos encoded with Theora.

Demonstration videos for AIGLX, a project that aims to enable GL-accelerated effects on a standard desktop.
Video syndication network
Ogg theroa archive of U.S House and Senate Floor Footage.
Media site with video torrents.
PUNKCAST#905 Richard M Stallman
Two video clips: What's GNU? + St. IGNUcius
GPLv3 Conference, January 16-17 2006
Speeches by Peter Brown, Eben Moglen and Richard Stallman.
Lego Movies
Two short movies: A New Computer and Swim.
More Lego Movies
Submissions from a Theora-only animation contest.
Tech TV torrents.
CTU Prague Archive
Creative Commons adverts + feature film Honey.
Speeches about the GNU Project's philosophy
Featuring Richard Stallman et al.
Red Hat Videos
Videos about the GNU/Linux vendor's customers and solutions.
Free Electrons Conferences
technical talks given at conferences about free software.
Ulm CCC Chaosseminar
Open Access Internet TV channel streaming in Ogg Theora
TV Mallorca
TV Mallora (spanish) is providing an Ogg Theora stream.
11200 undo
A short movie about computer, religion, sex, glue and so on...
Wikimedia Commons
An archive database of 644,951 media files, to which anyone can contribute
Voyage to the Planet of Prehistoric Women (1967) and The Snow Creature (1954)
Full-length public domain movies from the Internet Archive's collection.
Rustbelt TV
Pittsburgh Indymedia's TV program based on Rustbelt Radio (audio available as ogg vorbis).
OS Videos
A personal video archive of experiences with different Operating Systems
Spanish website with clips from Andaluzian tv station. Content licensed under CC-BY-NC. So far, it provides decent resolutions.
F.R.T.M.N. (From Russia to Montenegro)
A movie licensed under a CC-BY 3.0 License.
Theora Sea
Directory of online and free videos using ITheora.

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